10 Advantages of using Django for web development

21 Sep 2018  /  Tech world  / ,

Look for an ideal and simple programming language? Mind determining best tool is not an easy task. Maybe you have heard about Django and Django benefits? It seems that everything works quickly and effectively if choosing this tool.

First of all, Django was presented in 2005. It didn’t need a lot of time to become popular. The main reason for it is fact that frameworks assisted hundreds of developers all over the world to fulfill all necessary tasks as soon as possible. From the very beginning, Django acted just as a framework for Python, that could boast fantastic functionality. Finally, Django shortened lots of challenges in the building of web applications.

Moreover, there are a lot of advantages which make experts choose exactly this programming language to realize all available ideas and projects. Let’s look at them closer.

What are the benefits of the Django Python development

We praised Django Python enough so let’s focus on pluses of following programming language, which is not only a quick solution in web development, including everything necessary for the quality code but also an excellent platform for working with the clientele of a particular business.

1. Automatically generated admin panel

It’s one of the unique features of Django that, of course, has virtually no analogs. In addition to fact that its functionality allows significantly reduce the time for writing necessary admin interface, it also allows customers to immediately start working with the site even at the initial stages of its development! In fact, it’s enough to sketch out the necessary models, and you can immediately show site to a client, and already interactively with him discuss business logic without being distracted by design.

2. Full-featured

Django Python goes well with lots of extra features. Their aim is to help with sitemaps, user authentication, content administration etc. The following bonuses assist to implement every step of web development.

3. Security

Users of Django will be impressed with the level of protection from all possible security-related errors like clickjacking, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and forgery.

4. Scalability

Django is the best choice for dealing with high traffic. So it is logical that most downloaded sites prefer Django Python to carry out traffic-related requirements.

5. Versatility

You will easily manage with content management, scientific computing platforms, even large organizations with help of Django.

6. Endless resources

Python can boast a large library that can be used for building large-scale apps. It suggests lots of capabilities as well as fantastic functionality to necessary applications. Everybody will not waste much time to find resources for updating.

7. Easy to work with

Pay attention that learning to work on Python won’t be a challenge. It is made so that you will learn it quickly and easily. Even those who do not have basic knowledge of coding will be able to code with Python efficiently.

8. Support of most OS

It goes without saying that users open web apps on different platforms and an amazing number of devices. But it is not a problem for Django. It easily deals with any of them as supports almost all possible systems like MacOS, Linux and Windows.

Moreover, the ORM system that is provided by Django gives programmers excellent opportunity to work with several databases at the same time. Developers can also use this system to do usual operations that are migration between databases without preparing special code.

9. Support of MVC paradigm

Django supports MVC design rule like many other frameworks. This paradigm allows devs to have web app UI and business logic component separately. In other words, the following approach assists programmers to make the development of big web applications quicker. Django allows using the same business logic again on multiple projects.

10. Active community

Django assists to decrease app development price significantly. Moreover, it deals with the active community of experts. Every member of the Django community constantly updates fresh plug-ins and code snippets in order to make the process of development easier. Specialists are able to push web application dev thanks to resources that have been uploaded by community members.

Summing up

Image - 10 benefits of using Django

Django is one of the most effective modern frameworks for developing web projects. It’s hard to think of anything that allows you to quickly implement a portal or content project, rather than using Django. Finally, you need quite a little time to transform an available idea into a great project with help of it. The reason for such efficiency is a clear mechanism for working with the project, a convenient ORM – a system of models to simplify the use of the database, built-in functional template engine.

Finally, the whole process of project building turns out to be a great pleasure so that experts have a unique opportunity to concentrate on the design process and improving app functionality.
As a result, Django is worth paying attention to both for beginners and experienced developers. It will become a reliable tool in achieving all goals and realizing important ideas.