10 PHP frameworks for web development

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To begin with, PHP is easily called the most outstanding scripting language. It has evolved from small, static HTML pages, snippets, to the current language that most modern dynamic sites are designed to develop.

However, with the increasing complexity of today sites, it became essential to structure and organize every development process itself. So PHP frameworks are the most natural solution to this problem.

Why use a framework

Before discussing the best frameworks for unique projects let’s first clarify why they are really necessary:

  • reduce development time a lot;
  • allow writing well-structured and reusable code;
  • hide from dev necessity to take care of low-level site security;
  • make it possible to create easily extendable, scalable apps;
  • stimulate to follow the design pattern MVC;
  • promote using of modern programming methods.

Best Frameworks for Successful projects

Want to find the best tool to realize any business ideas? Then meet a list of most required frameworks.

1. Slim

Image: Slim - PHP framework

One of the most popular PHP frameworks is Slim. Actually, it was created to write simple and rapid applications that could still boast a fantastic power. Basically, Slim acts as a dispatcher who receives necessary HTTP request calls the callback function assigned to this request and returns final HTTP response. Here its key features:

  • it is a perfect tool for the devs who want to present unique APIs;
  • Slim is suitable for quick prototyping when the idea requires an early implementation;
  • you can create full-featured applications with a UI.

2. Phalcon

Image: Phalcon - PHP framework

It is quite a recognizable framework thanks to Zephir high-level programming language presence. It is chosen for building applications in PHP even without knowing С language. These are benefits of Phalcon:

  • a fantastic speed;
  • uses a few server resources;
  • provides all standard components, including ORM, MVC etc.;
  • is applied as micro- and macro-framework;
  • PHP7 support.

3. СodeIgnite

Image: СodeIgnite - PHP framework

It is a powerful and easy-to-use PHP framework for developing web applications. It provides a number of libraries and auxiliary functions that greatly accelerate the development process as well as:

  • compatibility with all modern software versions;
  • working with Framework does not require using the command life;
  • opportunity to apply usual functions of PHP, its methods of writing code;
  • allows using template language, although this is not necessary.
  • the frameworks use the MVC model.

4. Zend

Image: Zend - PHP framework

Meet the open-source framework created in PHP focusing on developing reliable, up-to-date and secure web service. Zend employs different professional PHP packages that make a building of high-end websites faster. Among other pluses are:

  • inheritance of classes;
  • object-oriented entity;
  • has a ready-made solution for a variety of tasks;
  • internationalization of applications;
  • developer community support;
  • a high quality of documentation.

5. Laravel

Image: Laravel - PHP framework

Laravel is a great PHP framework as well as one of the leading backend technologies. Lots of companies involved in Laravel-development, speak about the following framework as a mandatory backend technology thanks to:

  • access to a database and transfer it;
  • template engine;
  • artisan tool.

6. CakePHP

Image: СakePHP - PHP framework

This framework is absolutely free and can be easily used to create fast apps in PHP. Meet a detailed list of things that you will be delighted with when working:

  • friendly community;
  • good license;
  • PHP4 and PHP5 full support;
  • complete interaction with the database;
  • auto-generated code;
  • integrated verification of data;
  • quick template system;
  • dispatcher which converts URL to type you want;
  • comfortable Access Control Lists;
  • support multi-language ready web application;

7. Symfony

Image: Symfony - PHP framework

It is created by a large community of devs and has the army of supporters. Its components are a collection of PHP libraries which meets the most diverse needs of developers, whether it’s creation, routing, authorization, template development, and more:

  • available support for Codeception allowing to write functional tests;
  • a really big developer community;
  • many ready modules;
  • detailed documentation;
  • excellent core speed;
  • low connectivity of components.

8. Yii

Image: Yii - PHP framework

Meet another popular framework that was presented with aim of building advanced web applications. Here are its main features:

  • uses MVC;
  • has an elegant code without trying to complicate a design;
  • Yii is greatly expanded;
  • one of the main goals is performance.

9. Yii2

Image: Yii2 - PHP framework

Yii2 is known as a highly efficient object-oriented PHP framework. It is based on the component structure and implementing a well-known MVC paradigm. Also, it can boast numerous benefits:

  • visual Code Generator;
  • has maximally intuitive MVC-architecture;
  • uses standard ways of solving problems, which reduces or eliminates code confusion;
  • facilitates code support using common architecture and methods;
  • has an active community of experts who support this framework, generalize tasks, and new features;
  • reduces the time that is spent on routine tasks, such as security;
  • simple to configure for better performance;
  • various caching options.

10. Fuel

Image: Fuel - PHP framework

Fuel is known to be a widely-spread framework. It should be noticed that the following framework was presented for PHP 5.3. Mind it uses an MVC architecture for fulfilling logical code partitioning. Moreover, it contains the best ideas of available frameworks, perfecting them and finally adding extra innovations.

Choosing a proper framework can turn out to be a very significant point affecting your future site. So read attentively, learn more about each framework and pick up a proper tool meeting all your requirements. Don’t waste time and you’ll get amazing results.