11 Mistakes to avoid while hiring mobile app developers

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Today all types of business are looking for some fresh and efficient tool, which allow earning more money and attracting new customers. Mobile development is a fantastic tool that is worth paying attention to. It is able to widen your horizons and lead to new achievements. That’s why owners are eager to gather an experienced team, which will realize all present ideas and meet other important requirements.

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Unfortunately, businessmen don’t take finding high-qualified programmer as a big challenge, as IT technologies face rapid development, these days. All in all, business owners should be more attentive to this question, and know what mistakes to avoid, in order not to hire the improper developer.

Top Don’t while looking for app dev

Image - Top Don’t while looking for app dev

It is not a surprise that mobile apps are becoming more and more important tools for increasing sales and attracting new customers. Building a great application is not a case of several hours and not a work of one or two people. This process requires cooperation with the best experts in a definite area, so you should be ready to look for an ideal developer, as it can take some time and efforts.

1. Don’t hurry

Have you ever heard saying “Haste Makes Waste”? Or maybe you had such experience? Mobile app development is not an exception, as well. Both big and small enterprises should remember that it is a very complicated process that requires time and hard work. It is very important for everyone: developers, designers, and testers, they must cooperate well in order to get expected results, which in the result satisfies everybody.

2. Don’t miss verifying credentials

One of the common mistakes, when hiring a developer is missing of verifying credentials. It’s very significant to realize who you are going to work with, what experience the employee has and what applications can be boasted. You can even check the projects, presented by the developer before. All those facts will help to gather a really good team for mobile application development.

3. Don’t avoid conducting an interview

It happens from time to time, that company owners don’t want to waste time and hire developer without technical discussion. It is a serious mistake, as only in conversation you will be able to see all the weaknesses and strengths of a potential team member.

4. Don’t give preference to an inexperienced candidate

Sometimes leaders do not pay attention to the sphere in which a developer has experience. As a result, they hire an expert in another industry who simply can’t meet all the requirements of the target audience, as doesn’t have the necessary knowledge. It can lead to the launching of the wrong mobile application and loss of customers. It will be better to choose the developer, who can boast excellent knowledge in the necessary industry, as well as great experience in building required applications.

5. Don’t choose a dev who isn’t aware of cross-platform functionalities

It goes without saying that Android and iOS platforms are enjoying amazing popularity, these days. However, the situation can change in the future, that’s why a team member should have a knowledge about cross-platform functionalities. Who knows, maybe soon Windows and Blackberry will occupy the market, and become more popular than Android and iOS.

6. Don’t stay where you are

Modern technologies are changing rapidly, things which were interesting for audience yesterday could become simply nothing for people the next day. The main rule here is to learn more about the last tendencies and wishes of the target audience. Keep both eyes open and be ready to present a mobile application that will become popular among people at once.

7. Don’t compromise on skills at a low price

Building a strong team, engaged in mobile app development, is not an easy task. However, you shouldn’t think about cost, rather than about the worker’s experience and skills. A perfect application can’t be cheap. Hiring a well-educated person is an important task, so think twice about whether you have enough money to pay for a good specialist. Choose developer who has a strong desire to become a part of the team and supports all business objectives.

8. Don’t choose a freelancer

Image - Don’t choose a freelancer

As you have understood, mobile app development needs a dedicated team, it calls for experts’ individual skills. So, it’s better not to sign up with a freelancer, even with the great skilled one. A professional team is what you really need to build a unique application and impress the market.

9. Don’t take in consideration any prejudices

Small and large businesses, which are eager to offer their applications worldwide, should forget about all possible prejudices towards local application developers. Do not choose them only because they are close at hand, stay open for cooperation with remote apps developers. They certainly have good ideas for making the app productive and popular among the audience.

10. Don’t repeat previous mistakes

Learning from previous mistakes is an important step towards future success. Maybe earlier you faced not the best experience of mobile app development, because of working with an improperly chosen team. Now you should do your best to hire professional developers who support all the ideas, suggest their own ones, and are ready to work hard to achieve the necessary goals.

11. Don’t forget the difference between developer and agency

Many agencies say they are perfect for embodying the ideas you have. They offer services at various prices for every pocket. However, you should be attentive and think well before applying to such helpers. Maybe they are really good, but are you sure they are suitable exactly for you and your business? Analyze their work and look closer at all operations they fulfill. Mind that choosing a proper developer is a guarantee of the successful result in the long run.

Summing up

Image = Hiring app developer

Take into consideration all mentioned above mistakes to avoid and start searching for your perfect professional developers. Only, in this case, you will be able to find the right person for your team and create the application that will meet the requirements of the target audience. Cooperate with experts and let them make an application suitable for users, whose desires are constantly changing. Spend some more time for finding the ideal developer and forget about all issues, as the project will be in the good hands.

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