11 team management software tools to improve your work productivity

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It is clear that the success of any project depends on well-organized teamwork. That’s why such notions as team management, team collaboration, and team building are among the most popular searches on the Internet. Managers are looking for the most efficient ways to make the team work 100% productive and show the best possible result. Luckily, there is a great solution to achieve the following goal. Management software is the right tool to enhance the income in a short period of time. So, hurry up to find out more about the best software, which company can use to improve the project management.


Image — Trello

Trello is considered to be one of the best software, from the design perspective. It is dashboards equipped with the cardboard-like look, which is useful in the management of the short daily tasks. The software will be a great tool for all, doesn’t matter whether it is a startup company or a team with incredible experience and a number of workers. Trello has a lot of benefits among which are:

  • easy assignment management;
  • making necessary task lists and their organization by date and priority;
  • team collaboration.


Image — Asana

Developers and project managers claim, that there is nothing easier than the following software. Both layout and interface are easy-to-use. Asana includes several elements, file storage, project management, and team collaboration. Among the others, an application has a wide range of benefits:

  • project updated notice;
  • dashboards for fast overviews;
  • checkup the available progress.


Image — Zenkit

Similar to professionals who prefer to work only with certain tools, each program is created to perform specific tasks. It doesn’t matter what goal you set up for yourself: setting up a meeting, monitoring project progress, co-developing a design idea, or doing any kind of calculations — any goal is possible with the help of Zenkit services! Here are its main advantages:

  • constant development;
  • a wide range of available features;
  • simple operation;
  • high-security level;
  • integration with Zapier;
  • the mobility of all elements which are closely linked with each other.


Image — Zoho

It is gamified CRM for small businesses. The software integrates with dozens of services for analytics, sales and marketing automation, promotions, support, etc. It is free if the company has up to 10 users. Moreover, it has such important benefits as:

  • simple integration with third-party apps;
  • large storage capacity;
  • monitoring of user activities;
  • tracking working hours and task progress;
  • customer interaction story.


Image — Paymo

Paymo is an online service, as many others it was designed to improve project management efficiency. It has enough functions for making the teamwork more comfortable. Paymo helps to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in projects and track progress accurately. It has many pros among which are:

  • project templates and online invoices;
  • daily reports and discussions;
  • custom reports and payment acceptance;
  • costs and customer portal.


Image — FreedCamp

FreedCamp is an organized workspace for viewing a whole project, tracking its key points, setting and assigning tasks using stickers and a calendar. Here are its main advantages:

  • simple registration via Facebook;
  • easy and user-friendly interface;
  • built-in Meebo Chat;
  • provides import and export of data from Basecamp when switching from one platform to another.


Image — TeamWeek</div

TeamWeek is a great solution for scheduling tasks, team resources, and a general project management. The team may be divided into several groups to form a separate time frame for each one. Users can view tasks list, filter them by project, examine their tasks as a list or scale, check a team calendar in the daily, weekly or monthly view. Its main advantages are:

  • integration with third-party services;
  • possibility to set holidays for each team member from different countries;
  • users can configure permissions for team members, including editing or viewing events.


Image — Bitrix24

It is a popular business management tool the main aim of which is to connect project management, customer relationship management, human resources, and automation of the work on only one platform. Here are its main benefits:

  • software doesn’t limit the number of projects or necessary tasks;
  • it’s a free product with lots of features.


Image — TeamGantt

TeamGantt is an online project management system based on a simple Gantt chart. With its help, you can quickly start planning your projects, track progress in the same Gantt chart. Moreover, it features a lot of benefits:

  • full tracking of each task;
  • invitations friends to projects;
  • comments on the tasks;
  • file attachments.


Image — Redmine

Redmine is a web-based project management information system that includes a complete set of project collaboration tools. The system allows to conduct several projects simultaneously, track their status, manage project steps, tasks, priorities, assign roles to participants flexibly. Moreover, it has:

  • flexible project reporting;
  • easy access to information from any place;
  • ability to customize the product to any subject area of business.


Image — KanbanFlow

Meet service for, which is perfect in both self-organization and organization of teamwork. It is the best choice for fans of Kanban boards, as its structure looks similar to the favorite type of managing the project. It boasts a variety of available advantages:

  • all team members can see the changes to the board;
  • it has task numbering;
  • deals with documents from Google Drive and Dropbox;
  • it has smartphone support.

Summing up

All in all, there are a lot of wonderful team management platforms, nowadays, which simplifies the daily work of project management. Every software has a list of its own advantages, and the decision on choosing the best option is only up to you. This article helps you to analyze their main features and decide which one meets all your requirements and business goals. Mind that proper software can help to achieve the best results, build a strong and independent team, where every member knows the task and does it at a high level. Up-to-date instruments are what helps you to be successful. They surely make the working process easier, faster and more comfortable for all team members.

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