8 Things you should never say to any programmer

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If you are reading this article, then most probably you are planning to cooperate with a team of Software Engineers or planning to order the creation of the unique software. Everyone who has already worked with programmers would say that they are kind of different race of people. They are capable to make sense from the utter gibberish. Doesn’t matters whether you need a unique program, create a fancy animation or anything else – IT engineers are able to make all your ideas into reality.

So, what do need for successful cooperation with coders? Important is to understand what you should never ask them. It is even more important than knowing what to ask. Let’s review a few the most terrifying question which makes developers crazy.

How exactly that part of the code works?

Image — How exactly that part of the code works

If you are not a programmer, then there are no chances for you to understand the code. This is the same as asking a doctor to explain to you in details the problem and diagnosis.

The reason is that programming is a complex of codes, actions and an infinite number of conditions to be satisfied, which lead to the desired result.

Programming includes a great amount of logic and complex knowledge which cannot be gained in a couple of hours or even days. And one more reason is that programmers themselves are not always sure how exactly the code runs, but in the result, everything works well.

In the beginning, make it prettier and bouncing.

Just for your information bouncing and making animation is the easiest part of the work, so normally programmers are doing it at the end of the job. The reasons are obvious, the easiest work is done in the end, and if the animation is done on the early stage of the development then there is no guarantee that in the end website is going to work well.

But how can you be a girl?!

Image — The programmer is a girl

Even in the 21st century, there are people who are shocked by the fact that the programmer is a girl. Yes, there is a stereotype that coders are mostly men 20-30 years old, who cannot code without slippers and preferable eats in the working place, as there is a need to work 24/7. Just forget about it! It is a modern era, where men and women are working under the same conditions. Visit Inoxoft office, and you will see how many nice women are working, coding and having great success in this field. Do you know, who is the founder of programming and by whom the first computer program was written? By Ada Lovelace, and she was a woman, so hide your stereotypes!

By the way, my PC is not working, can you fix it?

Can pilot fix crashed plane? I don’t think so. Then how can programmer fix a computer, an IT engineer is creating the software, makes it work well from inside. Just try to imagine how does it feels then listen to something like: “Look, my keyboard is not working, can you fix it?” or “Can you connect the printer to the computer?”, this is the same as asking the doctor to check the temperature or to do the injection. If you have any issues with the PC – ask the repairman to come over and fix it.

I don’t like the background, can you change it? *Changes background* Ohh.. actually previous one was better, change it back!

Image — Change background on my computer

This is a real headache for a programmer. As, the person who is handling the code, has to make thousands of actions to adapt it to the new requirement. It does not work like changing a background on the PC desktop. So, if you request any kind of changes mind it several times and make sure that this is really something you need. If you have any doubts regarding new requirements – take your time and mind it again.

You know, I’ve been reading a book about programming on my way to the office, I think you should do it in another way.

If you know a little bit of coding – then congratulations, keep your knowledge, improve it, at least to junior level, and code yourself. I suppose you would never suggest doctor what to do if you know a little bit of biology.

You can add your recommendations only in case if you have sufficient level of knowledge and coding experience.

C’mon, it’s Sunday, why can’t you leave your computer?

This is probably weird for most people, but programmers (not all of them) really enjoy doing small coding sessions on Sunday. This a kind of joy with favorite music on, a cup of nice coffee and other stuff which they really like. So, why not to enjoy little things that make you happy.

You drink too much coffee, can’t you live without it?

Image — Programmers' addiction to the caffeine

Why not? Coffee stimulates the brain activity and is quite tasty. Some people say that programming and coffee-addiction are going hand in hand, a programmer without coffee is the same as HTML without CSS. Of course, not all coders are addicted to caffeine. Generally, there is a desire to go to the kitchen, fresh up your mind, talk to colleagues regarding bugs and issues with the new project. Also, if you work a lot sitting at the desk under air conditioning – you need to keep water balance on the required level.

Moreover, the work of the software engineer sometimes requires work at night and in this case you need coffee to stay up.

..And Bonus

Never tell the programmer to put off the headphones, even do not try to suggest that without music it will be easier to concentrate. It will not, some codders prefer to watch movies during coding, while others listen to music, it really helps them to concentrate and do coding easier.

Summing up

Each profession has its stereotypes and weird thoughts. In order to improve communication experience with Software Engineers mind the specific sides of their work, and take care of advises we described above.

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