9 Things that can be pinted on the 3D printer

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What came to your mind, when someone was talking about the 3D printer a couple of years ago? Probably something like that:

Nowadays, the technology of 3D printing is more or less clear for everyone. 3D printer works with special liquid or a roll of plastic/metal or other material. With this technology, you may print the house or create artificial bones. It opens new opportunities in building the roadways, houses and even in printing the real-size picture of a baby before it is born. Let`s review a few examples of the things that can be 3D printed. The list may be endless, that is why will concentrate on 9 examples.

The Real-Size Baby Statue, Before the Birth

Future parents, especially if they experience a preparation for the birth of their first baby, want to collect different things related to this occasion. The technology of 3D printing offers a unique possibility – to print a real-size baby statue. Scientists use the results of medical ultrasound diagnostic to create the realistic statue.

The main aim of that idea was to give a possibility to people with vision defects to “see” the results of ultrasound diagnostic.

Weapon Printing

A possibility of printing weapons had various comments among society. Some people are afraid that the availability of printed guns will have a negative effect on the life of people. Even though, the guns made of plastic, and may be used only once, it may be used to assault or wound someone. The problem of this kind of guns is that it is impossible to have proper control over that. If the weapon is used and causes an incident, then it is almost impossible to check who has initiated it.

Objects of Art

Do you want to have a copy of the Venus de Milo, for a lower price? Of course, 3D printer cannot use the marble, but the material of printing will be very similar to the original one. Moreover, there are a lot of 3D scanners available on the market. So, printing of pieces of art becomes an easy thing, you need to scan an object, print it out and enjoy favorite art objects are your home.

Food Printing

Yes, you have read it correctly, the food can be printed out. The thing is that 3D printer can be filled with any kind of pasty materials – stuffing, cheese, dough, puree, etc. So, the 3D printer may prepare a pizza or cake and you will only need to bake it. Most probably, scientists will present a 3D printer with the cooking option, in the nearest future.

Printing Favorite TV Characters

Doesn’t matter if you want to print a mini version of the huge robot, an alien, or a figure of your favorite movie actor. 3D printing can create a copy of anyone and any size, that would satisfy the fans. Also, this technology may be applied in the souvenirs business.

Bioprinting & Prostheses

Several companies, including Inoxoft, have already designed the software for printing vessels, tissues, and whole organs. The 3D printer designs it in the same way as natural ones, devices called “pearls” are able to apply live cells to damaged areas.

If parts of the body cannot be renewed, then 3D printing can be applied in the production of prostheses. Basically, any part of the body can be printed out and inserted into the body. An interesting fact is that printed prosthesis cost around $50, while the same prostheses created using traditional technology, may cost around tens of thousands of dollars. The same 3D printing technology may be applied in the practice of dentists.

Home Furniture

Taking into account features of the 3D printers, we would consider that it may print only plastic furniture, most probably – a nice stuff for children. Surprisingly, the 3D printers can create furniture of wood. The special material – Laywoo-D3 is created from the recycled wood.

Printed Houses

The videos of the printing the innovative buildings are very popular on the Internet. Even though, there are doubts if those houses will be stable for all weather changes in different parts of the world. Printing of the houses is now on the stage of development, as a real house needs additional furniture, not only the walls. If this technology is successful, it will bring the building process to the new level.

What else can be printed with 3D printer?… another 3D printer

Unexpected, right? Of course, you cannot print electronic parts of it, but it’s only for now. Developers are working on additional features of the 3D printers, and soon everyone will be able to print another 3D printer on the 3D printer.

Summing up

The 3D printing technology makes the first steps into the market. Some people testing features of the new technology, some do not want to accept it and prefer the standard way of manufacturing. The only thing everyone will agree with is that this is another step into the future. Will it be successful or not – we will see in a couple of years.

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