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A lot of people are thinking about changing their career one day. Especially, taking into account the fact that the IT sphere is becoming more and more popular each day. There are a lot of people who are willing to change the profession and become a part of the IT world. Today, we are going to talk about what is important to do, and which mistakes not to make, in order to change career successfully.

Do not get lost among hundreds of pieces of advice

Surely, you are reading a lot of articles and going to senior software engineers for bits of advice. Now it is important for you to understand how the IT sphere is working, which languages are better to learn, where to start and how to choose the best company. It is very easy to get lost with all the advice, that is why learn how to filter out the information you get.

In case if you change the scope of interests, and learn new languages every month – stop it! Concentrate your attention on one language, field of activity, and one source of information. Only this way you will become successful!

Moreover, the decision on the which language to choose is not as important as it seems to be. You can choose one of the popular languages and learn them perfectly. Much more important is how good you know it and able to use it on practice.

You may feel not fitting into the IT world

There will be times when you will feel unnecessary on this job. This feeling may be caused by many different situations, starting from staring of the colleague on the morning meetup, and ending up with inability to finish the task. The most important thing is to never give up, to not be afraid to ask colleagues for a piece of advice and to not be afraid to admit your fault.

Most obviously, when you tell colleagues about the issue you have with the task – there is a huge possibility that they have faced the same problem. One more advice, which will become a real inspiration for you – to make a list of your successes and failures. It will perfectly show you, how many successes you have and approve the fact that failures are not so important.

Teamwork is extremely important for success

You may have perfect technical skills, but you will never reach highs, and complete great project without the team and coffee. And here, coffee is not only about drinking in order to get some caffeine and fresh up. In the IT work, and offices in general, drinking coffee is a kind of ritual, which let’s go to the kitchen talking to other people, actually, you don’t even need to drink coffee, just go to the kitchen.

Find out how to look for a job properly

It seems like not anything which is hard to perform, still, some special skills are required, in order to get the job. Just imagine, there are two guys, who are starting to look for a job, at the same time. Developer A represents perfect technical skills, learning and practicing programming for 10 years old. Developer B is just a beginner in the IT world. So, A is sending CV to all the companies in the city, and waiting for the response. B is doing the same, additionally telling all the friends from IT, about job searching. How do think, who is going to get the job faster? I bet, this is going to be B, as additional to skills it is important to get people to talk about you, so HR specialist of the companies keep you in mind before there is an offer for you. Additionally, friends of B are going to share pieces of advice regarding performing of the job interview.

Do not be afraid to start

Quite often, beginners are not sure about when they are qualified enough to start applying for a job. There is one secret regarding how to get the job. You will be hired, when you convince the employer that you are exactly the person is needed in the company. It is really important when recruiter likes you when it goes together with good technical skills – you get a combo combination, and become really required among employers.

Both sets of skills will not run you to success without each other. If you are a perfect technical specialist but are not able to “sell yourself” to the employer you don’t have enough chances to get the job. On the other hand, if you are great in influencing the other people, but do not have enough technical skills – even if the job is yours, there are big chances that you will not stay there for a long time.

A good thing is – it is possible to develop self-confidence, by leaving the comfort zone, meeting new people, traveling, going to conferences and so on. Everything is in your hands!

Pay attention to the IT courses

Many IT companies are running courses for software engineers and QA specialists. Also, there are lots of academics, where it is possible to find out more about the IT world, not only in theory but also in practice. As well as, performing the courses in the IT company – there is a chance to get the job in the same company. Curious to try? Inoxoft is running courses for software engineers and QA specialist. Check out our offers, we are curious to meet with you!

Improve your English!

English became a language which everyone should know. While traveling abroad, without English knowledge you will not even be able to order the food, if you are not speaking the language of the country you are in. Working is the huge international organizations or small IT companies – good English is must know for everyone. Also, recruiters are paying attention to the level of your English, to understand whether you will be able to talk with clients and get more knowledge from international experience.

If you failed once, there still is a chance to get a job in the same IT company

Failing the job interview does not mean that you will never get a job in the same IT company. There may be few reasons for the failure if you are not fitting the position, if there is a better candidate for the role, and if your knowledge is not enough. Still, you have a chance to improve your skills or apply for another position. I may ensure you, from my personal experience, if you perform the interview well enough, but there is someone better than you – your CV is still kept in the company. Once there is a position for you – will get a job offer.

Experience in other fields can help you in IT

Even if your previous job was not related to IT at all, any type of experience may be useful. If you have been working with foreign clients, attending student programs and studying abroad – that means that you have very good English skills. In case your job was related to fixing, for example, cars, that means you are going to show good results in finding and fixing the bags. Each type of experience plays an important role in your future career, don’t be afraid – show all your positive sides.

One of the most important things is to not be afraid. Noone is perfect from the beginning, and you never know until you try! Get yourself challenges, learn new stuff every day, improve your current skills, meet new people and never give up! Check out our current job offers, maybe there is the one which is waiting for you!

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