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If you tell anyone, that you are willing to work in the IT sphere, most of the people will think that you wish to become a software engineer. While some people become really surprised about the fact, there are much more interesting professions, which are really required in the technological world.

There are a lot of stereotypes, regarding people working close to IT. They say, most of them have dominating left hemisphere of the brain. As well as, some are sure that software engineers are introverts, who prefer computers to real people. Today, we are going to discuss top positions that are really popular in the IT sphere, and break a lot of myths and stereotypes.

More than 85% of positions are taken by software engineers

That is an obvious truth, that the biggest number of roles are occupied by technical specialists. Basically, it would be impossible to run the business without them, this is a key point. Still, there remain around 15%, depending on the size of the company, of non-technical staff, which plays a crucial role in the company well-being. For every IT company, doesn’t matter on the size, that is important to have project managers, HR team, PR managers, Content Managers, SEO specialists, sale managers, and the others. Who are they, what should they know and do in order to become one of them? Let’s review it in more details.

Project Manager

Image - Project manager as a needed profession

A project manager is a key person, in the successful release of the project. The PM should have perfect communication skills, in order to have a discussion with the client, control and stimulate the teamwork, as well as, know have technical skills, to understand what is going on. The daily basis of the project manager are:

  • management of the team;
  • formulation of the strategy of project development;
  • taking part in the testing of the ready product;
  • responsibility for reaching the goals;
  • financial knowledge;
  • being a stress resistance;
  • knowledge of the foreign language is the must.

Marketing specialist

Those people are priceless for each company, as they are responsible for its status on the Business Arena. They are looking for new ways of advertising, building the company policy and strategy, opening more possibilities. The main responsibilities of the Marketing specialist are:

  • Advertising the company, its products, and services to the market;
  • Taking part in the formulating company standards and policies;
  • Perfect knowledge of the marketing tools and instruments;
  • Understanding how advertising instruments work.

Sales Manager

It is clear, for almost everyone, that sales managers to sell the products. Here, would an obvious question come from people, who have no idea on how the IT business operates: “What can they sell in the IT?”. And the answer is: “They sell products and services”. Basically, they work on attracting new customers to the company, suggesting them different opportunities and services. To become a successful sale manager, you have to:

  • Have experience in sales or a huge desire to learn how to do that;
  • Look for the clients, and find the best offers for them;
  • Design and formulate the offers;
  • Properly present product, and basically attract new clients to the company.

Content Manager

If you like writing articles, have very good language skills, then – the content manager is a perfect job for you! Mostly philology students are becoming perfect content managers, who are able to present information in the way, that everyone wants to read it, and later to cooperate with the company. The main responsibilities are:

  • creating content for the company website;
  • writing articles on the required topics;
  • running social media pages;
  • knowing the basis of SEO and HTML;
  • being grammarly correct;
  • know the basis of the photoshop and other redactors;
  • Be creative.

Event Manager

The event manager is very required profession in all IT companies. Everyone knows that there are a lot of them in each country. Especially in Ukraine, where a number of companies in the country are really huge, companies should have a lot of advantage in order to get the best employees. And here event managers are the best helpers, only they can organize such events, activities, and celebrations, that everyone will be willing to work for that company. Perfect event managers are:

  • stress resistible;
  • creative;
  • communicative;
  • know what, where and how is going on in the city;
  • know the best vendors to help in the event organization.

HR manager

The HR department is very important in the successful long living of each business. They help everyone to feel good while working in the company. They are responsible for managing the documentation, sometimes HR department is connected to the accounting team, administration and event managers. To become a part of the HR team, there is a need to be:

  • attentive to details;
  • good at analysis;
  • communicative;
  • have a big desire to work with people.


Image - Recruiter as a needed profession

In most cases, recruiters are the part of the HR team, but they are playing such an important role in the company, that we decided to talk about them separately. So, they are responsible for searching for employees to work on their positions. They are looking for them, through professional networks, receiving and reviewing a lot of CVs every day, talk to candidates, performing interviews on all stages, and sending offers to the best candidates. Without them, the company would never grow up and develop properly. A good recruiter should:

  • be good at understanding people’s psychology;
  • be able to understand where the experience of the candidate is true, or just an influence of imagination;
  • have basic knowledge on the technical skills set, to be able to look for correct candidates;
  • be able to make an offer to a candidate, so there is no way to say “no”;
  • have good analytical skills.

QA engineers

Quality assurance team is floating between the non-technical part of the IT company and is actually performing some technical tests. Basically, there are two types of testers – manual and automatic ones. In order to become a manual tester, there is no need in knowing how to code, while to perform automatic testing – there is a need to know how to set a code, so the system can perform all the tests. The team plays a crucial role in the project release, checking if all the functions are working, without any issues. To become one of the QA engineers, you have to:

    • finish the courses on the testing;
    • be attentive to details;
    • have a sharp eye;
    • have good analytical skills.

Summing up

Technological development caused a huge increase in the IT sphere. The number of people, working for IT companies is increasing day by day. And there is no surprise, as this sphere is known for possibilities of career growth, good salaries and a big list of events, runed in the company.

Today, we have ruined the myths, that only people with technical skills can work in the IT companies. As we can see, there are a lot of vacancies, which require creative people, who know foreign languages and are good at communication. Do you want to become a part of Inoxoft family, then check out our vacancies in here!

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