9 Ways to pick the best technology stack for mobile development

Mobile application development is gaining more and more popularity these days so it isn’t a big surprise people’s lives wouldn’t be the same anymore. Moreover, it also influences all types of business. So owners of small and large enterprises can watch the rapid increase of mobile apps which number is expected to reach 6 billion by 2020.

Of course, modern gadgets widen our opportunities. We constantly use them to order necessary things, take photos or surf the Net from any place. That’s why mobile dev companies should pay attention to picking the proper tech stack for fantastic functioning.

What a tech stack is

It should be noticed a tech stack directly influences the operating of all projects. Here even the type of mobile app isn’t important. This conception contains 4 important components: frontend and backend development, development platform and extra requirements.

Why it is important to choose the best tech stack

In fact, there are so many elements which are dependent on the choice of the proper mobile application tech stack. The decision on what technologies to use influences the whole development process and the final result. Mind that uncalculated decision will definitely affect negatively both present performance and potential growth. So, learn how to pick the best tech stack with ease.

Tips on selecting the proper tech stack

Image - Ways to select technologies for mobile dev

1. Mind personal requirements

First of all, follow your personal requirements. Think twice about expected results and choose the tool to achieve it quickly. Here everything is important. Take into consideration the gadget on which the application will run, the network conditions, available platform, and user experience. All these aspects assist to decide a library, a set of framework, the software which should be combined for the development of the necessary mobile application.

2. Don’t obfuscate the issue

Some startups begin building the app with complicated technologies and often get upset when are not successful in the long run. It is better to start with more simple solutions and don’t try to impress the audience with something unbelievable. Just study the market carefully and decide what app is necessary for it right now. When you understand that a chosen conception works well then you can move forward and offer more complicated products.

3. Give preference to open-source technologies

New app building should be started with applying to open-source technologies. In fact, they will not lead to failure and save a lot of time. Moreover, they are more secure and help to concentrate on the business aspect of the things. After singling out a prospective technology, it’s a high time to think over some important points. They are a license the tech has, a number of core devs, the documentation and other such like things that are significant for realizing the project.

4. Checkup of the ecosystem

To begin with, each technology has a definite ecosystem that consists of people and tools. That’s why it’s important to study all available articles, tutorials relating to the chosen technology. One more significant point is the community and its work. Find out more about its support of the users as well as how active it is.

5. Support and lifelong trends

Have you ever heard that a technology has a definite lifecycle? It means that most users give preference to settled techs as they seem to be very reliable. Everyone can feel free to check Radar technology to catch the main concept of future-proof tech. Mind Radar is absolutely free and has an option of dividing all technologies into several categories. As a result, you’ll get an access to Platforms, Techniques, Tools and Languages & Frameworks.

Or you may easily check well-known technologies like Angular or React with special websites you can find on the Net. All in all, be attentive while using new information.

6. Pay attention to human resources

Stop for a minute and think of people you have by your side. What kind of developers are they? In case there are for example three-four experienced devs working with Angular technology then do not hesitate and move in this direction. It will be the best decision rather than waste time and efforts on learning some new technology.

7. Be flexible

These days, things are changing with enormous speed. Earlier people do not have anything but a PC with Windows on it. It means that present technologies can be replaced with other ones in 5 or 10 years. In other words, you should be prepared to work with new tendencies to meet the requirements of the customers at once. Here flexibility is the main point to follow.

8. Begin with a small project

It will be great if there is an opportunity to examine a particular technology carefully. What are the final impressions? Do a little setup or spend some time for an app test. Moreover, you can create a small service to see how this technology works.

9. Give a chance to multiply operations

The tech stack of any app which works on a platform would definitely differ from the app running on multiple platforms iOS, Web etc. So portability will be a great advantage for the mobile application you want to present in the future.

Follow all mentioned above tips and increase your chances to impress the demanding audience with unique, useful and fantastic applications for their pleasure and daily usage. Be sure a successful result is guaranteed.