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We are happy to share with you events of the Inoxoft team


June 2019
St. Partick Day

In the Saint Patricks Day, Inoxofters traditionally organized the beer pong championship. It was an excellent time, spend together.

May 2019
Vyshyvanka Day

An Annual tradition of the country in general and the Inoxoft office is the celebration of Vyshyvanka day. We really enjoy seeing such beautiful wearings in our office, life is bright!

April 2019
Mind Game

The first mind game of Inoxoft took a place on the 1st April, an International fool day. We wanted to show that even such a day will never stop us from learning.

March 2019
Tears Providers

Our QA team knows how to joke on developers and how to make them cry, so they created the T-Shirts that everyone knows about what they do.

8th March

Each year men from Inoxoft show their appreciation to the women, on the International Women’s day. This year, all the women were called to discuss the very important subject to one of the conference rooms and got a warm congratulations.