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We are happy to share with you events of the Inoxoft team


March 2019
FIFA Championship

Three-week championship. 13 members. 3 winners. We called it FIFA championship in Inoxoft. We definitely need to continue with this tradition!

Vilnius trip

It was not just a trip, but a special women teambuilding spent in Vilnius. To open new vistas — that’s what we strive for.

February 2019
St. Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s day at Inoxoft is a well known and long-awaited holiday. That time we were playing darts shooting in the heart-shaped balloons. The hearts in the picture are those that survived after Inoxofters’ amour-shooting.

February 2019
Georgia trip

For everyone in the Inoxoft family the trip is implementation of little dreams into reality! We will never stop dreaming and traveling!

Kuala Lumpur trip, Barcelona trip

Trips to Europe and Asia warm us up the whole year through.