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In the previous articles, we have analyzed how Ukraine became important on the Global IT Area, as well as, Ukraine is a good place for launching the startup. In this piece of writing, we will talk about the software and hardware innovations, developed by Ukrainians and used all over the world.

Startups in Ukraine: Era of the viable business


Grammarly is a popular tool, designed to check and improve the grammar of the English texts, it works with Internet browsers, and as a background tool for smartphones. It is very simple in usage, the app suggests improvements while you are writing emails or texting in messengers, or even making notes on your phone. Yes, this tool was designed by Ukrainian software developers from San-Francisco, USA.


Have you ever been searching for a job? Of course, you have. Probably you know how painful it is to monitor available offers on dozens of different websites. Software developers created the website which consolidates job offers from different sources. The Jooble works in 64 countries, so it doesn’t matter whether you want to find a job in your home country or to relocate abroad – job searching becomes much easier.


Do you have a pet? If yes, then you must know that feeling when your pet stays home alone, while you are running daily business. A group of Ukrainian software engineers created the robot that is supposed to resolve this issue and help your pet to stay entertained. The gadget is equipped with the camera, microphone, and speakers, so your pet will have fun. Moreover, you may check what has been happening at home while you were absent, and post funny photos to the social networks.


Basically, the mobile application is created for espionage. This app is popular among parents, pet owners, for elderly people with sclerosis, and for someone, who always forgets keys and other belongings. As well as, it is very useful for miners, in case of an incident, it becomes easier to find them and provide help in the shortest period of time.

Emotion Recognition

The Inoxoft team, have created a unique application – Beyond the Verbal. The app is ought to find out emotions of the person, analyzing the phone calls. On the first stage of the development – application was designed for self-testing of emotions. So, at the end of the day, the user could check emotions experienced while phone calls. Now there is a new function – to define the chronical illnesses by analyzing the conversation. It is widely used by insurance companies to improve customer service.


Have you ever struggled to have all your favorite music in one place? Inoxoft designed perfect music application, where you can store the music or audiobooks in the cloud, listen to it offline, sort in the most comfortable way for you, and just enjoy its simplicity. Also, the user can connect to an unlimited number of other clouds, create multi-cloud playlists, and set up the sleeping timer.

Summing up

Modern world suggests a big amount of innovations that ought to improve the life of people.  Do you have an idea you want to implement, but don’t know how to start? Check out our case studies and contact us! We are happy to implement innovations and make life more sufficient.

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