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The quality of our daily life is improving rapidly. With the Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics, monitoring of business processes and daily routine became the way easier. We have been already discussing the influence of modern technologies on logistics, sports, finances and many other fields. Here are a few advantages of big data in the healthcare industry, which make a future closer.

How Big Data influences our daily life

Increased Transparency

The majority of the data regarding healthcare that exists is unfortunately still not fully available over the Internet. The great amount of information is available among silos of hospitals, doctors offices, research labs, government databases, and health insurance providers. This system prevents transparency of information throughout the healthcare.

The medical processes and discovery possibilities would slightly increase, in case if the user has access to all available health data. The more we push to break down the barriers of our existing healthcare silos, the closer we get to the day when every health care provider will have access to their own medical application. This phenomenal demand for new healthcare software can only serve to expand the availability and integration of big data in healthcare.

Big Data cloud analytics is assisting these physicians and pharmacists with improving medication therapy management by aggregating and analyzing the vast amount of information on drug side effects, negative interactions, and addictive toxicities. This helps to reduce patient deaths, hospitalizations, and readmissions.

Preventative Over the Reactive Care

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The healthcare system as it operates over the reaction to sickness and disease. In the same time, Big Data science provides the ability to become proactive in maintaining health instead of reactive to treating illness. Innovations like this help us shift the incentive from our current reimbursement based on medical practices to more incentive-based medicine.

Basically, that means that data from all sources will be consolidated, analyzed and results will be shown in the healthcare software.

Access to the data, available in the application, will be granted upon the user permission. Generally, it simplifies the prevention of different kinds of illnesses.

We Will Become Our Own Best Doctors

Due to the recent boom in the development of healthcare apps, individuals have increased capacity to monitor their health, without visiting health checkups. Fitness and sleep trackers along with numerous other health monitors have shifted the idea of the quantified era of an individual health evaluation. It also provides doctors with a more precise view of the health conditions of the patients:

Healthcare software development

  • yesterday, these apps introduced us to the idea of measuring and recording our individual statistics and signals;
  • today, they have evolved to integrate our individual signals with the Internet to where users can access and share our data;
  • tomorrow, apps will provide the ability to gather and aggregate a collective health data and deduce from its meaningful and actionable interpretations.

Welcome To Telemedicine

Photo - Telemedicine

Even though remote healthcare is still in its infancy, the emergence of telehealth technology will further serve to lower healthcare costs and lead to healthcare improvement. It gives users the ability to video chat with board-certified physicians and psychologists to have your health questions answered and in some cases even receive a written prescription.

There is a list of free online services and mobile apps that store your up-to-date medical records and allows you to share them with authorized people(doctors, relatives, etc). It allows inputting the medical data manually as well as automatically upload data collected from electronic medical devices, fitness apps, and trackers.

Also, mobile healthcare applications is a great solution to make communication between doctor and patient the way more easier. The user can check in with the doctor and even send them picture messages through a secure messaging app.

Through this platform, the doctor can track symptoms, check in on the recovery progress, ask follow-up questions, and even collaborate with other doctors for advice.

Prevents Unnecessary Doctor Visits

The Big Data science in health care saves time, money and energy of both doctors and patients. The inventory says that during the time of 3 years treatment course, one woman visited the hospital over 900 times. That situation occurred in Oakland, California, where a woman who suffers from mental illness and substance abuse went to a variety of local hospitals on an almost daily basis. The problem was in lack of shared medical records between local emergency rooms and hospitals. This situation is met all over the world, especially in third world countries.

The implementation of Big Data in the medicine easily solves the issues of time, money and energy saving.

With help of Big Data analytics information from all trackers, hospitals and doctor visits will be synchronized and health monitoring will become more convenient.

Increased Access To Real-Time Health Status

Photo - Access to real-time health status

Digital health technology provides the ability to stream and track in real-time the spread of diseases to investigate where they originated and, using specially developed algorithms, predict where and when they may advance.

Since then, a method of tracking the movement of diseases by gathering call data records from national mobile network operators was developed. During an outbreak, they can analyze phone calls and text messages for health information and updates on local, regional, and national scales.

Summing up

Presence of Big Data analytics, cloud streaming of individual health status updates, and remote healthcare apps increased the awareness of the individual and global health, provides general healthcare improvement. Do you want to follow the trend and join the healthcare revolution? Are your planning to take advantages of data analytics? Contact us! We are ready to improve the quality of your business with the latest technologies.

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