Embarking on a digital venture in New Jersey? Uncover the powerhouses driving web development innovation in the Garden State. In this exploration, we unveil the top 10 web development companies, each distinguished for their expertise, creativity, and contributions to the dynamic online landscape of New Jersey. Whether you seek e-commerce solutions, corporate platforms, or cutting-edge web applications, these companies stand out as the leaders shaping the digital forefront in the region.

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According to Ziprectuiter.com, there are 15,849 software engineering jobs in New Jersey. The average payment of these developers is $76,089 annually. So, it is quite popular to be a developer of software in NJ.

Bar chart of software developer salary per year in New Jersey (NJ)

But, which companies are acknowledged as top performers in NJ? What do we know about them? The Clutch.co Leader Matrix includes the following firms:

Clutch's leader matrix with the top 10 best web developers in New Jersey (NJ)

The Most Wanted Web Development Companies in NJ


Inoxoft as the most wanted website development company in New Jersey

It is a software development company on an international scale. Therefore, it may be considered as the top NJ website design company. Inoxoft specializes in:

At Clutch.co Inoxoft receives 5 stars for its major contribution to the midmarket and small businesses. The company works with such clients as TOSHIBA, NIVEA, Vestel, University of San Diego, Synergy 3D, NEO VICI, OSS, VIM, AIRPA, OverOps, MAXFIN, Medical Cytrometrix, BEYOND VERBAL, YUMBLEKIDS, Slooh, New Amigos, Guru, Papukurier, SITIME, LUMEN, PINGUIN, OatFoundry, BOS Dimex, MULTIVIB, WALDRON, QUICKWY, Panic Guard, Rhenus Logistics, Jador.

Inoxoft’s mission is

  • to make an impact with an intellectual team
  • to be among the top market players, participate in global tech challenges, and provide valuable solutions
  • to provide top-notch services, efficient delivery, and expert solutions
  • to create opportunities for smart people.

Extended information about the history of the company, its services, blog posts, and contacts can be found on Inoxoft’s website.

Lform Design

Lform Design as the most wanted website development company in New Jersey

It is a web development agency in NJ and New York specializing in:

  • marketing
  • branding
  • website design
  • web development for 2B2 companies
  • mobile app development

At Clutch.co Lform Design has a rating of 4.8 stars. The agency’s focus falls on helping clients from midmarket and small businesses. The agency works with such clients as AAA Innovations, CAST Lighting, Bergen Cable, Dauphin, Fuji Film, Insight Partners, Kulite, Mitsubishi Fuso, Modern Restaurant Management, and REdirect Consulting.

Lform Design defines its mission as

….. focus on B2B manufacturing companies and consultancies ….. to understand our clients to the fullest. This ….. ensures that our mission to deliver exceptional measurable results is achieved through thoughtful web design and sound digital marketing strategy.


Cantilever as the most wanted website development company in New Jersey

It is a company that produces web design services in NJ. Cantilever specializes in website

  • design
  • development
  • support
  • upgrading

Clutch.co gives Cantilever 4.9 stars in its pursuit of success. This company differs from the previous ones in its primary focus, which is in helping not only midmarket and small businesses but also enterprise ones. Cantilever works with such clients as IBM, American Express, New York Times, Esquire Magazine, Droga5, Northeastern University, NYU, The IMF, American Cancer Society, Samuellson’s Red Rooster Harlem, and In The Raw Sweeteners.

The company brings value by building websites from scratch, designed for the long-term, faster in engagement, and simply, meant for the audience. So, Cantilever defines the following principle it works by:

  • caring for clients’ success
  • transparent communication
  • management of priorities
  • trustworthy partnership
  • constant improvement of websites


Semgeeks as the most wanted website development company in New Jersey

Semgeeks is a New Jersey web design company that wins all the awards. Semgeeks believes that starting trends is better than following them. The main focus of the agency is to provide services of

  • digital marketing
  • web design
  • web development

Clutch.co rates Semgeeks as an agency with 4.9 stars for its contribution to design, marketing, and web development. The focus of Semgeeks falls on helping small, midmarket, and enterprise-level businesses. The agency has been working with the following clientele: Surf Taco, Faherty Brand, Chefs International, Marina Grille, Monmouth University, Woodhaven, Mamoun’s Falafel, Windmill Hot Dogs, New York Health & Racquet Club (NYHRC), Jersey Mike’s Subs, Rutgers, Oak Hill Academy, Brookdale, Penn Graduate School of Education, Liberty Helicopters.

The biggest value of the company is in empowering both its clients for advancement and its employees to produce better results. Also, Semgeeks values the “geeks” that work for the company. Here, the company has responsibility for and cares about its people. Also, they highlight that “Our experience sets us apart” making it pretty clear that the culture at the company together with its vision is to allow employees to learn and scale.


AndPlus as the most wanted website development company in New Jersey

AndPlus specializes in tech consultancy and web application development in New Jersey. Among the services it provides one can find:

  • product strategy
  • conceptual prototyping
  • UI/UX design
  • IoT apps
  • iOS/Android development
  • AI and ML
  • cross-platform mobile development
  • firmware development
  • testing

Clutch.co gives AndPlus a rating of 4.9 stars. The market focus of AndPlus is on enterprise businesses, midmarket, and small businesses. AndPlus works with such clients as Bloomberg, ESPN, MIT, Cambridge Mobile Telematics, LinkAKC, Honeywell, Cognex, Predicata, Crunched Accounting, NexRev, Goodstart Genetics, Onset Computers, Harvard School of Public Health, Medica , Phoenix Controls, AEMC, Arthromeda, Party Valet, CA Pager, DKF Solutions, VGSI, Stratcomm, Harvey, PrismHR, Phantom Gourmet.

Andplus works according to the principles of

  • commitment
  • visibility
  • collaboration
  • innovation

By committing to excellent service, timely delivery, giving clients the right to participate in development processes, collaborating on friendly but professional terms, and producing innovative solutions, AndPlus brings value to its customers and to the web development services in New Jersey. 


NewAgeSMB as the most wanted website development company in New Jersey

NewAgeSMB is the top website developer in NJ. The company provides the best solutions by following four steps:

  • idea
  • design
  • code
  • action

Taking these steps the company has earned a good reputation on the market and a rate of 5 stars on Clutch.co. NewAgeSMB works with such clients as Cab App, YellowX, GogoWash, LCard, Global Access, Travel GTS, Junkshot, Redify, RHG RoleMode, School Cafe, Bubblescale, StatChat, Palliative care, TrueGift, Sportable. NewAgeSMB focuses on providing solutions for small businesses offering web development, mobile development, and UI/UX design services.

The mission of the company lies in defining steps to take your idea and lead it until it’s ready to market. For instance,

  • definition of concept
  • tech feasibility evaluation
  • prototype creation
  • app design
  • agile app development
  • app testing
  • launch

2 Dogs Media

2 Dogs Media as the most wanted website development company in New Jersey

Dogs Media is among the finest web developers in New Jersey specializing in:

  • WordPress website design
  • top SEO services

At Clutch.co the company has a rating of 5 stars and its primary focus is on helping small businesses. The clients of Dogs Media are the Travel & Tourism Research Association Wharton Institute, Rangelands Land Trust Alliance, and the Ireland Chamber of Commerce.

The vision and mission of the company are hidden behind its name. Here, dogs denote a friend and, this way, the company wants to become “the best friend on the web” for their clients. Despite having a small team, the company makes a big difference in the software development market.

KISS digital

KISS digital as the most wanted website development company in New Jersey

Kiss digital is NJ ecommerce website development company that offers solutions such as:

  • mobile apps
  • web-apps
  • web development
  • Internet of Things
  • e-commerce
  • social media

Clutch.co assigns Kiss digital 4.9 stars. The company has an interest in helping enterprise, midmarket and small businesses. The company’s key clients are Ernst & Young, PAYBACK, Eurocash Group, Medicover, NN Investment Partners, AVON, Oknoplast, Idea Money, Olimp Labs, OBI, and Haddad.

Kiss digital’s goal is to help their client receive a digital solution in

  • mobile apps
  • web development
  • UI/UX design

The company’s vision is to be of use to different businesses and remain highly professional, qualified in achieving results and credibility. Kiss digital is not just a simple name, it refers to the way of thinking. So, the word KISS translates as “keep it simple, stupid”. This saying points out simplicity as the basic means of web development processes in Kiss digital.

Hero Digital

Hero Digital as the most wanted website development company in New Jersey

Hero Digital provides custom web development in NJ to enhance customer experience. Hero digital specializes in

  • digital strategy
  • web design
  • web development

According to Clutch.co, Hero Digital receives 5 stars and focuses on creating solutions for enterprise, midmarket, and small businesses. The clients of the company are Western Digital, Sephora, Salesforce, Aramark, Borgata Hotel & Casino, Easterseals, Sunrise Senior Living, Universal Health Services, Inc.

The mission of the company states that it creates beauty and truth that are valuable to people and businesses. Thus, Hero Digital keeps web development simple and uses the following steps to achieve the best results:

  • inventing
  • transforming
  • performing


ReachFarther as the most wanted website development company in New Jersey

ReachFarther is a web design firm providing web development services in NJ. The agency has a multi-industry specialty that covers

  • web design
  • web programming
  • web hosting
  • sales/marketing
  • sales analytics
  • online search (SEO/SEM)

Clutch.co gives ReachFarther its credit and rates it with 5 stars. Key clients of Reachfarther are Alisme Law Boykin Management Company, CBC Dabora, Inc., Denali Property Management Excelon Associates GAF Galvan & Associates Goodway Group Hammes Company Lakeside Art Studio Madison 88 R.M. Piper Spire Learning Starfish Associates The Midwest Clinic Urban Child Academy Vitalis Consulting Waller Helms Advisors Walt Disney Parks & Resorts.

The mission of the company is to help customers in navigating through the digital world. Saying “Relax. We got this.” ReachFarther highlights their significant capabilities in design and marketing and assures that their clients are always satisfied with the solutions they bring to life.

Summing Up

The choice of the top web development company in New Jersey isn’t solely determined by its rating but also by the business’s direction and the client’s specific needs. Focus on emerging fields like AI, ML, and IoT: While many companies offer standard web development, AndPlus and Semgeeks highlight expertise in areas like AI and IoT, reflecting increasing industry trends.

Growing significance of mobile development: Most companies offer mobile app development, with AndPlus focusing on cross-platform solutions, indicating its rising importance.

Argumentation: While companies listed in the Clutch.co ranking receive high ratings and praise, selecting the optimal web development partner should consider more than just ratings. For instance, Inoxoft specializes in working with international clients, making it an ideal choice for businesses with global ambitions. Thus, the selection of a web developer should factor in not only technical skills but also the ability to address specific business needs and goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is custom web development like in NJ?

New Jersey is a versatile state with lots of opportunities. It includes numerous industries, one of which is software development. The state actively participates in the economic growth of pharmaceutical and telecommunication companies. Also, it works to innovate retail business, education, and real estate services. All of these sectors require software development services.

What are the best New Jersey web design companies?

  1. Inoxoft
  2. Lform Design
  3. Cantilever
  4. Semgeeks
  5. AndPlus
  6. NewAgeSMB
  7. 2 Dogs Media
  8. KISS digital
  9. Hero Digital
  10. ReachFarther

How much web developers in New Jersey are paid?

According to Ziprectuiter.com, there are 15,849 software engineering jobs in New Jersey. The average payment of these developers is $76,089 annually. So, it is quite popular to be a developer of software in NJ.