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The number of JavaScript libraries and frameworks is constantly growing every year. However, it doesn’t prevent modern developers to choose exactly that tool that will meet all their requirements. One of them is ReactJS, which became really popular in 2023.

First of all, it is an open JavaScript library for creation of the interfaces that are designed to solve the problems of partial content updating of a web page, encountered in the development of single-page applications. The library is created by Facebook and the community of individual developers.

There is a need to set up and configure a local development environment, before working with React. In fact, if you are developing, then you already have a local server installed. Also, you can try React online, which works right in the browser, connecting external library files and using the special code.

Find out 7 advantages of using ReactJS for application developmentReactJS development

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The simplicity of setting up the following library is not the only reason why lots of experts choose it, for the creation of various projects. Actually, there are many reasons to do it without hesitations.

Why developers choose ReactJS

ReactJS is widely used for building different web applications in UI. The following framework was presented for the creation of large programs that contain information changing all the time. Selecting these particular libraries guarantees to the experts 100% final success, due to a plenty of reasons. Let’s find out the most significant of them.

1. Efficiency

It should be noticed that ReactJS from Facebook, creates own virtual DOM, it is the place where all components are kept. Such aspect guarantees amazing flexibility and general performance. It is explained by calculating the change that is necessary to be fulfilled beforehand in DOM and updating DOM-trees in accordance with it. Such step helps to miss costly DOM operations, so all the updates are made efficiently.

2. Amazing SEO instrument

You may be impressed but JavaScript frameworks do not act friendly with search engines, even despite numerous improvements in this area. However, it doesn’t refer to ReactJS, here you don’t have to face any difficulties at all. ReactJS will run on the server while DOM will be rendered to the particular browser, as a common webpage.

3. JSX syntax

To begin with, ReactJS uses well-known JSX syntax. If you don’t know, then note it’s a great mix of HTML and Javascript. JSX calculates entire process of building all components for a definite site and HTML allows rendering necessary functions without concatenating strings.

4. Focus on UI

ReactJS is concentrated on UI very much, it presents a responsive interface to users. It becomes possible due to Javascript interactions of the environment with the definite device and the library. All in all, it enhances application loading time and assists in keeping it working without interruptions.

5. Reusable components

The following library provides users with a unique opportunity to use code components of another level again, in fact, it saves a lot of time. ReactJS components are isolated, as a result, when one changes, it does not influence others. Such great advantage allows using components which do not produce any changes again. So developers can feel free to make the process of programming more ergonomic and convenient.

6. Alternatives

Users of ReactJS can freely use it as an alternative to other libraries, which you have already been familiar with. For example, there are additions to JavaScript as Backbone, Angular and also jQuery. Mind that all functions available together with the following libraries can be used with React modules. Moreover, they can boast a plenty of other functions, simplifications, additions, and changes that have been implemented in ReactJS.

7. Simplicity

When a client starts own project, based on ReactJS, there is a need for installation the official Chrome extension. As a result, the debugging application becomes the way simpler. After setting extension, the user may directly look into virtual DOM.

Summing up

Infographic - ReactJS benefits

Lots of famous brands use ReactJS these days. Thanks to Facebook we get an amazing quantity of web applications, integrated with popular business. Among them are the New York Times, Uber, Yahoo, Twitter, and Netflix. All of them know everything about optimization of the applications for attracting more customers, and increasing income. Want to become one of these giants? Then don’t waste time and choose ReactJS to realize all goals.

As a result, you’ll be really impressed while working with it. This powerful library, with amazing functionality, has everything you need for building a great dream project.

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