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Viktoriya Khomyn
Head of Engagement
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We understand how hard it is to get a new business off the ground – we’ve been there. There are so many different things you need to do and doubts you may have.

Inoxoft has your back! After months of discussions and brainstorming sessions, our team launched design services and packages for startups to help you define exactly what you need. What’s the purpose of this? So you can validate your business idea, understand your user, visualize your wishes and be ready to disrupt the industry.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve come up with for the success of your idea.

What Do We Offer?

Based on our experience, our team determined the necessary actions that lead to a successful product.

To perform a product/idea validation, our team

  • investigates end users’ needs
  • does competitor analysis to discover the pros and cons of the product
  • suggests the best implementation approach

To check a Product-Market fit we

  • do market research
  • analyze existing solutions
  • find ways to surpass the capabilities of existing solutions

And last but not least is a Clickable Prototype. To obtain it, Inoxoft

  • creates wireframes based on research results
  • prepares mock-ups of user flows
  • creates visual design ready for testing by end users

If you have fears, consider them covered! We have a solution to each of your possible concerns:

Fear of a business failure?

  • Don’t worry, each cooperation starts with a deep investigation of the client’s business, an analysis of its key features, and a definition of the optimal strategy for its design.

Worrying about competitors?

  • We perform a basic SWOT analysis.

Experience lack of technical knowledge?

  • Inoxoft’s experts perform usability tests and provide you with a clear structured process.


We prepared for you three different packs that will cover visual, architecture, and research reports. Each offer includes prototypes, comprehensive user and market analysis, UI concepts & Artifacts…intriguing isn’t it?

Our solution team will provide you with all the details and help you choose the option that best suits your business need!

Upon completion of cooperation, you will get a visualization of an improved version of your own business idea. Depending on the service package, you get the following deliverables:

Design Services Deliverables

Our Expertise

Inoxoft is a custom software design company offering custom web and mobile development and discovery phase digital services. We have a direct focus on custom solution development and always try to meet clients’ needs to the fullest extent.

Our dedicated product design team will guide you through the whole process: from brief to demo. Let’s take a closer look at people who will transform your idea:

UX Researchers

A team focused on the user’s attitudinal and behavioral characteristics. Interviews, diary studies, and usability testing are all used to collect and evaluate data systematically.

Business Analysts

Experienced BA will help discover and clarify a project’s details and scope with the subsequent transfer of documented materials to the development team.

Interaction Designers

They will make sure every customer’s interaction with every touchpoint in your product’s ecosystem is a pleasant one, every single time.

Visual Designers

Magicians who, with the help of an analysis of your sphere, will create for your brand a unique, bright, user-friendly design that attracts users.

Design Services and Packages for Startups

Leave your fears and doubts behind. Everything is handled!

Do you want to transform your idea into a top-notch competitive product?

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