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Transport business, just like any other business, requires efficiency and precision of all the processes. If there is lack of clever organization, it will take more of your time and costs. Often customers are disappointed with poor logistics services and refuse to cooperate with the logistics companies. It’s important to keep your clients interested and satisfied. Inventory management can improve customer service, decision making and be really cost effective. Cloud based technologies are the best option if you need route optimization or route planning. Cloud logistics provides you with up to date features that make freight management and real time fleet management much easier.

The demand for TMS has increased over the years. Of course, off-the-shelf solutions have a lot of things to offer, but even the most advanced readymade logistics software can be not enough for your business needs. That’s why transportation management app development became so popular nowadays. If you create a transportation management app, will save your costs and make your business the most efficient. Transportation management application development is essential for those who want to meet their business expectations and can’t find the suitable solution among ready-made services. That’s why a lot of companies choose developing a transportation management app, as it is more rewarding for them.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about logistics and transportation app development, how to build a transportation management application and why transportation software development is a must in logistics industry. If you feel that you are interested, keep on reading!

Guide to Transportation Management Application Development

What is Transportation Management Software (TMS)

Firstly, you need to figure out what is transportation management system. Put simply, transportation management software (TMS) is a subset of supply chain management concerning transportation operations. It uses technology to help companies plan and optimize the physical movement of goods. Its task is also to check if all the documentation is proper. Thanks to building a transportation management software, you can track the entire supply chain.

The solutions of transport management are data repositories. They have different features, such as analytical, communication and transactional. Transportation management software can be a part of ERP, or enterprise resource planning, or SCMs (supply chain management system).

Today transportation app development is in a high demand. Companies which decide to create a management app for transportation can execute everyday tasks with ease, such as transporting great amounts of goods. Now supply chains, regulations and transport modes are really complicated. It’s almost impossible to solve all the occurring issues without modern technologies. That’s why it is the best decision to make a transportation app.

Automation of the most crucial processes plays a great role in transportation. Transportation management software helps you secure transportation processes without paying excessive costs. TMS also helps you to save quality of all the processes with the chance to increase it.

As you can see, choosing to develop a transportation management tracking app is a great decision. If you want to make your business more efficient and up to date, you should definitely consider logistics app development.

Why is it Worth to Develop a Transportation Management App?

Now you understand that it’s a good idea to develop a transportation app, because it is really beneficial for your business. Yet, you need to fully understand the reasons why it’s crucial to make a transportation planning software.

First of all, it’s important to notice, that not only logistics company benefit from developing a transportation management app. Basically, any company that deals with supply chains needs to consider implementing TMS. Transportation management app will bring you nothing but conveniences. With the help of it, you can manage warehousing and trucking, fulfill your needs. It will definitely enhance service delivery, making a flow across the supply network smoother. It’s a great chance to optimize supply chain and delivery schedule. This will preserve you from any possible bugs and errors, will give you a possibility to track transit time. As a result, you have a good quality and your costs saved.

If you develop transportation management app, it’s also a possibility to optimize fleet administration and freight dispatching. A lot of employees are put off by boring paperwork, and by developing a transportation management app, they can easily avoid it. Moreover, mobile solutions are really useful, if you want to consolidate data from different sources. This data is later can be used in generating instant reports. Automated processes are a great helper: they free you of boring routine tasks. This is a great opportunity to boost the productivity of your employees. The final argument is, of course, a great customer experience.

Guide to Transportation Management Application Development

Main Transportation Management App Features

Before you start developing your transportation management app, you need to know which features are the most important. Let’s have a look at the main features that any transportation management app should have.

Customer panel features

There are a lot of customer panel features which are really important for the application. One of them is push notifications. They are extremely helpful when the user needs to be alarmed about traffic jams or some incidents which can cause a delay. Messaging is also an important part of the user experience, as they can chat with drivers and solve different issues with them. Sometimes customers may need to book vehicles or schedule trips, and for this purpose there is vehicle booking.

Driver panel features

The next set of features is driver panel features. The first one is map and navigation guidance. The map is integrated into the application, and with the help of it drivers can choose the best route. It prevents drivers from getting lost or going the inconvenient route. The second essential feature is log feature. Drivers can record their daily activity with the help of it. They can track traveled mileage, successfully delivered orders, number of work hours and many other things.

Admin panel features

The last, but not least set of features is admin panel features. One of them is GPS location tracking. Not only admin benefits from this feature, but also driver and a customer. GPS location tracking can help you monitor real-time location of drivers and packages, from the first to the last mile. Offline support is also an essential feature, as often there are times when your customers or drivers are in a location where there is no Internet connection. You should take into account admin dashboard and trip reporting.

The Steps of Building a Transportation Management App

Now you know the advantages of transportation management application development. Now you need to figure out the steps of building TMS. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Choose the type of app

There are fleet management apps, ride-hailing, warehousing, logistics management etc. You just need to choose what kind of app interests you in particular. It’s important to choose the main objectives for your app.

Determine your target audience

Choose who is the audience for your app: the drivers, the customers or the admin. A lot of things depend on who is going to use your app. Your task is to make everything possible to meet your customers’ needs.

Select the features

After choosing your target audience and objectives, it’s time to select the best features for your application. You already know some useful features which can be integrated into your app. Yet, the more features you use, the better.

Think about tech stack

Determining the tech stack is the next important step in your app development. You also need to think over some essential integrations, as they can also be useful. Which type of app do you want to develop: a native app, a hybrid app, a web app? These questions will help you choose the right tech stack.

Choose the development team

Software development company can help you develop the application of your dream. Such company can give your team the opportunity to execute other tasks, as they will have less of a burden on their shoulders.

Maintain the app

After all the preparational work and development itself, it is crucial to maintain the app. Don’t forget to improve your application when, so more clients could use it. If you want to stay relevant in the market, this step has a really big value.

The Main Technologies of Logistics App Development

You are closer and closer to meeting your business plan! However, you should consider some technologies of logistics app development. Let’s take a look at some of them.

There are two the most needed technologies for messaging and support: Twilio and Bandwidth. Twilio provides third party API integration, with the help of which you can connect with customers. Bandwidth is basically the cheaper variant of Twilio, but its quality is still high. For authentication you should use Auth0 or OneLogin, which will guarantee you fast onboarding and lots of integrations. Stripe and PayPal are the best for payments gateway, as they provide high checkout conversion. Use MongoDB and MySQL for database management: they are full of up to date features.

For cloud functionality you should pay your attention to Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Their cloud services are really fast and effective. For frontend development JavaScript, HTML and CSS are the most widely used. These are the most popular programming languages. However, backend development requires programming languages like Node.js, Ruby, Python or Laravel. Python in particular is the language that prioritizes stability, and that’s why it is so beloved by many people. Finally, for mobile app development you should focus on React Native, Iconic and Flutter. They are all appropriate for building cross platform applications.

Cost to Create a Management App for Transportation

The final question is the cost of custom software development for logistics. It goes without saying, that a lot of factors influence the final price of your product. First and foremost, you should take into account the features you want to include. More expensive features are more complex and require more working hours. If you are on a tight budget, you can develop an app that will cost $30 000. However, such app will be lacking a lot of necessary features, and it can cause you some issues.

In general, the average price of transportation management app is approximately $50 000. Keep in mind, that application like this has an average amount of features, enough for fulfilling your clients’ needs. If you want to make your app really complex and feature-heavy, be ready to spend more money: from $100 000 to $150 000. All these costs are only for transportation management app development, but there are also such important moments as onboarding, recruitment and so on. If you are interested in making the process more cost-effective, you can use an offshore goods transport app development, as it is really useful for those who want to avoid some extra expenses.

Before you start to consider adding some features, you need to start from minimum viable product, or MVP. With the help of it, you can gather a lot of feedback from your customers, and only then make some decisions considering your application. You can make your app richer and more feature-heavy, in case the client is interested in it. Such a draft of your future application requires very little money, roughly $10 000-$15 000. During the trial period, you can see what interests your customers the most and what is in demand for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TMS software?

Transportation management software (TMS) is a subset of supply chain management concerning transportation operations. 

What is transportation app development cost?

The price of logistics app development can depend on many things, for example, the amount of features you want to incorporate. Overall, the average cost of transportation app development is $50 000. 

What are the main steps of transportation management application development?

To build a transportation management app, you need to choose the type of app you want to develop, determine your target audience, select the features, choose the tech stack and development team and, of course, maintain the app.