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E-learning is an integral part of the education system nowadays. Since everything is working remotely, this market has significantly grown. It caused the appearance of new startups, and a lot of fresh ideas are innovative and have a lot to offer. Educational apps provide exciting content which keeps the learner engaged and devoted to the studying process. They gain so much popularity as they don’t require too much of your financial resources and time. Some e-learning platforms have already become real giants due to their influence on the market and importance in the educational world.

How to Create an Online E-learning Platform: 6 Steps to Follow

By creating an online learning platform, you open a lot of new opportunities for potential students. Moreover, it’s a great chance to show your creativity and make a statement in the educational field. This guide will tell you how to create an e-learning platform, what are the types of e-learning websites and how to develop an e-learning website. These easy tips will help you learn more about the industry and how to make your own contribution to it.

What are the Benefits of Developing an E-learning Website and for Whom is It Needed?

Creating e-learning website is not only a fun and interesting process, it’s also a really rewarding experience. It has a lot of benefits for you and your future customers. If you are going to build an e-learning website, you have to know all the pros of this idea. Online learning is beneficial due to its accessibility to all students, affordability regardless of their financial situation, and personalized learning according to a person’s needs. E-learning website development is important because now remote ways of learning take over and a lot of people decide to use modern technologies to get the proper education. The more applications the market has to offer, the better.

The main target audience for e-learning platforms is, of course, students. Schools and universities are now integrating online websites into traditional ways of teaching. That’s why e-learning website building is in high demand in this sphere. Companies that are targeted in the educational field should definitely consider e-learning platform development, as this is the best way to stay relevant in the market. Educational institutions benefit from modern technologies as well, as they boost the productivity of students, keep them fully in the process and allow them more creative. It’s a good thing for education in general, and this factor is essential for its ambassadors.

Types of E-learning Websites

Depending on one’s demand, there are different types of online learning websites that serve different purposes. They all are aimed at different target audiences and offer various content. Choosing your customers can play a decisive role in your business plan and alter your approach to how you develop an e-learning website. Here are some of the most popular types of e-learning platforms.

Learning Management System

The main purpose of this type of learning website is to train employees. Corporations and higher education institutions use this type the most often. Learning management systems allow employees and students to take part in live discussions and watch recorded lectures. Also, it is quite convenient for employees to always have access to all the necessary sources.

Online Learning Marketplace

Nowadays this type of online learning website has gained a lot of popularity. The main principle is that educators and students have the ability to connect and solve issues together. Video lessons and consultations are the base of this type of application and website. A student has an opportunity to choose a teacher he is interested in and ask him/her any questions he has. The video call can be individual or group, depending on your preference.

Online Course Platform

The online course platform offers you various video content from experts in areas you are interested in. You can choose an expert by reading reviews and comments from other users. If you complete the course successfully, you can receive certification. This type of online learning platform is also very popular, because you are in charge of who is your tutor, and it definitely boosts productivity.

How to Create an Online E-learning Platform: 6 Steps to Follow

As you can see, there are different types of online learning platforms, but they all can bring you the result you are looking for. Depending on what your target audience is and how you picture your project, you can choose the direction you want to develop your application in.

The process of creating an online learning platform

Now that you know what you want to achieve with your application, it’s time to figure out how to create an e-learning website. The process requires much of your devotion and attention to detail, but the result will be totally worth it. This short guide will help you get acquainted with the basic principles of website development and will tell you how to create an e-learning online platform.

Validate your idea

To properly validate your idea you have to look at the numbers. What is in demand on the market now? What are customers interested in? All this information will help you determine if the idea is worth investing money in. If you validate your idea properly, you will spend less time correcting your mistakes.

Define your niche

Think about the courses you will offer. You must be interested in the idea that you are developing, otherwise, the project will quickly become a burden to you. You already know the types of online e-learning platforms, so you can choose what speaks to you the most among all of them. Make sure your potential customers are looking for a specific type of application.

Choose a business model

When you have a great idea, now your task is to make it a reality. Of course, a creative approach is necessary if you want to create an e-learning website, but organizing your business is basically half of the deal. Choosing your business model you identify sources of revenue, products, details of financing, and the intended customer base. Your business model must be efficient and work for the company’s benefit.

Implement must-have features

Must-have features are the base of what makes an application worth attention. Your platform should be user-friendly and responsive to customers’ needs. Scalable text, search options, battery preservation, privacy options – all these things make your platform compatible with already renowned educational websites.

Choose the development approach

To make the process of development less stressful and complicated, you can choose the approach that suits you best. If you feel like you need help or if you are a newcomer, you can also attract experienced developers that can give you advice. Depending on your development approach, the speed of the process and how the development will be executed differs.

Engage good educators

This step is especially important if you are oriented at an online learning marketplace or online course platform. Engaging professionals demonstrate that your application is worth the trust. This step will help you get more customers and will guarantee a good reputation for your website. Moreover, if your application is developed enough, professionals will be eager to work with you.

Building an e-learning website is not an easy task. It is crucial to follow all the steps to make sure your platform is in demand on the market and can compete with other platforms. If you execute the process of creating successfully, the development stage will be much easier for you.

How to develop e-learning website

The development stage is technical at most, so it requires thorough research and readiness to plan every detail. First and foremost you should consider the cost of developing your online learning platform. The medium price of developing your website is $100, but it depends on the region you choose. Prices in the USA are the highest, in Europe and Eastern Europe are cheaper, and in Asia and India prices are the lowest. However, beware that reducing costs means reducing quality.


Specialists provide a lot of services to help you make your website more appealing and attractive for clients. With the help of professionals, you will get a visually stimulating design, high functionality of your platform, an intuitive interface, and cross-platform compatibility. All these services are important if you want to have a compatible website. However, don’t forget that development has to be revisited from time to time, so you could keep your project up-to-date.

Inoxoft is a company that provides the best development services for your project. Our clients can always rely on us for being devoted, creative, and responsible. If you contact us, be sure that your idea will be accepted and understood.

Consider Inoxoft as a Reliable Partner for Building E-learning Projects

Online e-learning platform creation and development takes a lot of research and responsibility. To create the best learning website you need to determine what type of platform you want to develop, define your target audience, choose your business model and engage people who are willing to work with you.

Inoxoft is an outsourcing company that provides the best web development services for customers all around the world. Our main task is to make sure our customers are satisfied and their needs are fulfilled. You get fast performance, a devoted team, affordable prices, and, of course, a great quality of the result. We provide education software development services, LMS development services, school management software development, and creating an LMS management system from scratch. Providing all these services, we root for your business to thrive and make the process of development easy and enjoyable, offering reliability and a personalized approach.

Inoxoft is a company with great experience in the development field with a devoted team that is willing to meet all your business requirements. Contact us and create the online e-learning platform of your dream!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main types of e-learning platforms?

The main types of e-learning platforms are learning management system, online learning marketplace and online course platform. To know how each of these types function, read the article!

What is the cost of e-learning website building?

E-learning website builder should count on $100 as a middle price. Price varies depending on the region: in USA prices are the highest, in Asia and India - the lowest. 

Who is the main target audience of e-learning websites?

The main target audience is, of course, students and teachers. However, online learning websites may be helpful for employees also.