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Almost every major company recruits software engineers. These days, software developers and data scientists are in very high demand. And due to their talents being so desirable, there is an abundance of job offers in software engineering with high salaries and numerous benefits.

The 10 most in-demand tech jobs for 2020:

The 10 most in-demand tech jobs for 2020

The most demanded developer skills are: 

  • Web development: .NET and JavaScript
  • Mobile development
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
  • Full-stack development
  • User experience development

Even though companies have so much to offer, specialists are still hard to find, so here are some main tips on successfully hiring software developers.

Define Your Goals

You have to clearly and honestly define your business plans and what you expect from them. This will not be an easy task to accomplish, especially if you are not satisfied with your current hiring process. Then you should figure out what problem needs to be solved. Team composition largely depends on your business goals. You have to come to terms with what kind of developers you need to look for, whether it would be full-stack, frontend or backend developers.

The same goes for hiring senior, middle or junior developers. Be specific whether you are developing a mobile application, a website or a database. It is important because of a common misunderstanding that every software developer can do literally everything.

Software engineers are similar to doctors: you can’t expect one person to be a plastic surgeon, a psychiatrist, and an oncologist at the same time. Similarly, you can’t expect a single developer to do machine learning, frontend development, and system administration at the same time. If you really need such a broad set of skills, you obviously need to form a team from more people.

Additionally, you need to plan when new employees start their jobs. You can’t hire software developers and the next day expect them to show immediate results. There is always an onboarding period which allows newcomers indulge into processes, understand the project goals, define their role in a team and so on. 

Write a Great Job Posting

The job posting is the first interaction between your new potential employee and your company. It might be the most significant part of the hiring process. Make this one count. The structure of the advertisement should be straightforward and honest. An effective job ad should consist of:

  • Role. Give your candidate a clear picture of what they will be doing when they join your business. Whether it’s development of new projects from scratch or maintaining existing projects as they are. It’s never convincing to get to work not being sure what is going to be thrown at you.
  • Requirements. What are the technical requirements of this position? This is where you specify the set of skills that the future employee got to possess to get the job.
  • Salary. Some companies try to avoid stating the pay they offer. They believe they will be able to negotiate it with the employee right away, but this is a foolish thing to do. Writing down the exact salary from the beginning will narrow down the list of candidates to only those who are willing to work for the amount of money you offer. You won’t have to waste your time interviewing someone only to find out that they are far too expensive for you. Be honest.
  • The sense of purpose. What is the company’s ethics and values? What do you stand for? What is the reason for your company to exist? How will it help the candidate fulfill their dreams and reach their goals? Explain what it means for someone to work for you and why they should apply.

Search For Someone Smarter Than You

If you’re the smartest person in the room, it’s time to hire someone else. As harsh as it may sound, in order to reach the stars and lead a successful business – hiring someone smarter than you is an essential ingredient. Real recognizes real, and talent attracts talent respectively. If you focus on getting A-class software developers together on the early phase of the project, your success is guaranteed. Furthermore, when you hire software developers of A-level they will recommend developers of the same level to you, because they only work with the best. But if you hire B-level software engineers, they will recommend C-level software developers for hire so that they will look superior in comparison.

Don’t Think that Only Money Matters

Even though money is a significant part in any business, it is not the main thing driving software engineering. Obviously, there are developers who choose this profession solely for profit, but it is all about passion for your job. Meanwhile, flexibility can make a software developer much happier, but others may prefer a more stable working hour. Organizational values can also be significant. After all, not-for-profit projects sometimes can attract great software developers, because such work can give a greater sense of purpose and feeling of contribution.


Not all types of people get along perfectly. So if misunderstandings between engineers and managers in a team are not as rare as you would wish, and that they do not seem to go down over time, it is a big red flag. If there is such possibility – the problematic team could be reorganized. By doing that, you avoid losing talented employees, since in most cases, it’s not a matter of fault, but of fit. If you’re able to address it with them, and they’re adaptable enough, the communication between you may improve. But chances are, hiring a software developer who fits your way of communication will be more effective for both of you.

Team Building

As soon as you come across potential software developers, it would be a shame to let them go. It might be very tempting to hire software engineers who are skilled, smart and just great by themselves, even if they will not match between each other for a particular project or a task.
The misconception here is the assumption that the worker wants to and will be able to adapt themselves right away. In order for developers to start working successfully and efficiently, the HR department of the company, as well as managers, should do their part too. When creating a perfect team, you need to know your workers, their personalities, strong qualities, weaknesses, skills and fears. A perfect team is formed from individuals who complement each other’s experience and strengths rather than from people who compete and fight.
The most pleasant plan to unite people under the same goal and help them step out of their comfort zone is team building. Informal meetings and funny activities after work in a company of colleagues always boost trust and confidence. New hires will feel they are accepted and their company values personal relationships, cares about the overall communication atmosphere and life-work balance.

Why Hire Ukrainian Developers

Ukraine has become a leading IT destination in Europe due to its booming tech progress, impressive talent pool of young, but intelligent developers for hire, and a strong education system in informatics and computer science. Ukrainian software engineers are recognized among the strongest IT professionals globally thanks to their solid technical expertise, high English proficiency level, and knowledge of emerging disciplines such as AI, big data, blockchain, etc.

Top reasons to choose IT outsourcing to Ukraine:

  • The 1st outsourcing market in Eastern Europe (Outsourcing Journal)
  • Offshoring destination of 2017 (GSA)
  • The 1st in CEE by outsourcing volume (CEEOA)
  • Among the top 20 offshore locations in EMEA (Gartner)
  • Among top 25 IT service exporters (PwC)

The reasons why globally-recognized brands recruit developers from Ukraine:

  • 200,000+ IT Professionals
  • 36,000+ Tech Graduates per year
  • 1500+ Software Development Companies
  • 2,000+ Up-and-Coming Startups
  • 110+ Multinational R&D Centers
  • A Vibrant Tech Community
  • 80% of Ukrainian Software Developers Speak English
  • Cultural Compatibility
  • Best Price/Quality Ratio
  • Favorable Business Climate

Hope, these pieces of advice refreshed your mind with new ideas and important tips on how to hire successfully. Building a strong and reliable team takes your contribution and willingness to look at people from a bit different angle, evaluating them as team players and by expertise in their field. If you are looking for engineers to hire, there is always a possibility to talk with a leadership team first to explore the software company’s values, vision and development goals.