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Talking about the Internet of Things, the first thing coming to the mind is a smart home. However, this technology may be used in many different spheres. We have touched upon the implementation of the IoT in Logistics in our previous article. While nowadays, hundreds of sports equipment, adjusted with IoT technology, are available on the market, let’s review a couple of them.

Implementation of Internet of Things in sports — InoxoftIoT in Logistis

Smart Gym Weights

This is a perfect solution for those, who have no time to visit a gym and use the professional advice of the trainer. Smart weights have automated suggestions regarding the workout, they measure the sports routine and suggest additions or changes, helping you meet the goals. It will make the workout safer if you do not use the weights properly – they will sound with warning alert. The connected mobile app will suggest how to improve your form and also push the user to unlock achievements by completing challenges together with friends.

Implementation of Internet of Things in sports — Inoxoft

Smart Basketball Hoop

The hoop analyzes the shots and creates statistics. It senses how the ball is landed, the angle of the shot and force, with time between shots. All information is kept in the mobile app, similar to the Smart Gym Weights solution, users track their success and compete with other users, also there is a possibility to play with teams.

Implementation of Internet of Things in sports — Inoxoft

Smart Horse Riding Helmet and Saddle

Even the best horse riders need help and an outside view of their riding technique. The smart helmet is up to help the user to:

  • measure height, speed, and distance of the jump, so you will know exactly how well you performed;
  • make night riding safer, with LED lights equipped in the helmet. Group of riders may use different color of lights, to identify each other;
  • track rider health and predicts concussions. Sensors of the helmet monitor the heart rate and blood pressure, while shock sensors detect when a concussion took place, letting medical team arrive at the place as soon as possible.

Implementation of Internet of Things in sports — Inoxoft While Smart Saddle Concept works as a personal riding instructor:

    • user will receive feedback on the motion, height, speed of the jumps and distance after every ride;
    • automated accident detection automatically sends an alert to your emergency contacts in case of a fall;
    • provides information regarding the health of your horse;
    • also, riders receive feedback about seat position, and helps to improve the performance.

Implementation of Internet of Things in sports — Inoxoft

Smart Bike Helmet and Bike Riding Concept

Similarly to the horse riding helmet, the bike riding helmet is equipped with an emergency alert, which sends information to your emergency contacts in case of an incident. The helmet is equipped with LED lights, and hands-free entertainment system, all those features improve safety during the ride. Smart Bike is equipped with the GPS tracker, so you can find it in case of loss, Anti-theft alarm, sensors that track the speed, heart rate and the number of calories burned.

Implementation of Internet of Things in sports — Inoxoft

Smart Diving

Do you have a desire to try diving, but you are afraid that something will go wrong under the water and nobody will be able to help you? Now the solution is found – the Smart Scuba Diving Gear is equipped with sensors that track your health, amount of oxygen left and measure the performance. So now you may be sure that underwater diving will be safe and pleasant.

Implementation of Internet of Things in sports — Inoxoft

Smart Yoga Mat

Development of technologies came to the yoga mats. Are you curious how the simple mat can be adjusted? Me too! Let’s review this case for more details.

  • the Smart Yoga Mat equipped with pressure sensors to detect stance and placement, offering real-time suggestions;
  • mat has a list of pre-set recorded training, guided by the smart mat together with the mobile application. With a possibility to design personal training and share it with friends;
  • possibility of sharing achievement and routines with friends; receive tips and assignments from personal teachers;

Implementation of Internet of Things in sports — Inoxoft

Summing Up

We have reviewed only some examples of the IoT implementation in sports. There are much more possibilities of making sports training more efficient, using stuff equipped with sensors. Do you want to implement one of the ideas above, or have another great solution? Contact us! We are ready to accept the challenge and realize it.