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Viktoriya Khomyn
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What makes a good service? Tourism&Hospitality students would say that good service impacts the feeling of the guests and creates the atmosphere of the Hotel. Restaurant employees would say that good service influences the number of tips they get. The same principle works in many other industries, the good service influences the income of the company.

Before customers come to the place of your business (doesn’t matter what kind), it is hard to predict the kind of service they get. Surely, one can check the reviews on the Internet, but it is impossible to predict what kind of experience will the customer get in the result. In order to improve customer experience and expectations, companies suggest Innovation as a service. How does it work? Companies compete with each other to implement the latest trends. Let’s review a couple of examples of when innovations are implemented as a service.


What is CRM in healthcare?

Car Renting

The possibility of renting a car while you are on a trip to another city, country, or continent is an advantage. However, things get complicated if you don’t need a car all day, or there are too many procedures to be completed before you get a car. The other situation is when you have left your automobile at the car service, and you just need a temporary one. In that case, the car renting company fees may be too high, when you just need to drive to/from work and for some shopping. Thankfully, we live in a time when everything is possible. For instance, there are a few solutions like Uber and Traficar, let’s review both more in more detail. Uber is an alternative solution to standard taxi services. Uber offers a good pricing range, possibility track location of the car and time of arrival. Also, before getting into the car client may check the opinion of other clients about that driver. As well as, good support service is available. In case, if the client or driver faces any kind of negative experience – there is a possibility to complain and see the results of the case. Traficar – service is available only in Poland. It is a great solution for those, who need a car only in some situations, like going to a party, driving from the mall after shopping, or picking up relatives from the airport. How does it work? Very simply, you need to download an app, find a car near you on the map, walk to it (how obvious) – all the cars are the same type and color, scan the QR code and the car will open. There are two extra minutes to fill out the cleanliness questionnaire, get yourself ready for the trip, and drive. You pay only for kilometers and minutes you drive or the parking fee when you need to live the car to come back later.

We were taught as kids to not get in strangers cars or meet strangers from the internet, and now we literally summon strangers from the Internet and get in their cars.

Airbnb and Couchsurfing

Almost everyone has heard about Airbnb and Couchsurfing, those are great alternatives for hotels. Some tourists prefer using those services rather than spending time in the hotel. The reason is simple – the possibility to see the life of local people and get to know more about the culture with the lower price. Why the Airbnb and Couchsurfing are so popular? In the early beginning, users didn’t trust when new services appear day after day. While nowadays, people are waiting for innovations and, as soon as something new is on the market, customers go for it.


Mobile Internet

Do you remember the time, when the first 3G Internet connection came to your city? In that time providers of the mobile network were adjusting technologies to give the possibility to use a new faster connection for users. The same story repeated with the 4G availability. What is important in that kind of competition – is to be first with the latest technologies. As the first gets the biggest amount of customers.


We cannot go on without IT

What is common for innovations offered by representatives of completely different industries? The answer is – IT. Just imagine what would happen to Uber, Traficar, AirBnB, Couchsurfing, and many others if there was no IT development as such? Development of all those platforms is possible only with the productive work of software engineers. One of the popular branches of IT development is the Internet of Things. Check out our article regarding IoT in Logistics, and you will see that in a few years, companies that implemented IoT will have more customers. Due to the fact that implementing the IoT – the quality of service increases and becomes visible for customers.


Summing up

Modern society needs innovations, people are willing to have a possibility to do everything via smartphone, to use taxi without annoying drivers, to make orders in the restaurant without talking to the waitress, simply to perform daily activities without the influence of other people. Availability of the Internet turned our life upside-down, and all service providers should stay up-to-date. This is the reason why the services of all the branches are developing with the latest technology trends.