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The last decade will be known in history, as the time of rapid IT development. Today, there are a lot of resources and languages for programming, and seems like nothing else can be invented. And here new programming language for JVM and JavaScript – Kotlin, was invented. The main reason for it is to heighten productivity and create a general-purpose language which incorporates functional features and supports interoperability and intelligibility.
As well as, Kotlin includes both an object orientation and functional programming, as the result, it becomes easier for developers: to incorporate elements from each other, support higher-order functions, types, and lambdas. Those features already point to the fact that Kotlin is a great choice for coding, and there are much more that will be described below.

A great advantage of Kotlin is compatibility with Java and Objective C it gives place for mixed-language projects and simplifies the process of learning new languages. The usage of Kotlin together with Java introduces improved syntax, concise expressions and abstractions, eliminates the need for excessive boilerplate code. Kotlin is perfect for Android, server side, desktop and web development.

Reasons why Kotlin should be used in Android developmentWeb development


At the beginning of 2017, JetBrains presented the first preview of the Kotlin/Native. It allows developers to write platform-specific modules and compile them for any platform. The main purpose of Kotlin/Native was to become the universal language for all platforms, supports IoT systems, scientific computing, and microservices.

Does that mean the life of Java is limited?

Everyone knows that Java is a programming language with a good reputation, which cannot be overtreated. Java is vast open source tools and libraries. Of course, as every system and language, it is not perfect. So, obviously, opinions regarding Java vary among developers, some keep complaining about it, and the other proves its hight positioning.Reasons why Kotlin should be used in Android developmentCheck how can you benefit from react native development services


Today, Kotlin is a stable and congruous development platform for Android applications. It is powerful enough for writing entire programs on it, some even say that it will completely replace Java in Android development . While others are sure that both languages will run in parallel.

Reasons why Kotlin should be used in Android developmentAndroid development

Advantages from using Kotlin for Android Development


The Kotlin is the programming language with high quality, which uncomplicates the work of developers and leaves less room for error. The codes, written by Kotlin are 2 times smaller than the Java ones. Its brevity is a crucial factor for productivity, as a process of writing large projects becomes easier.


The modules are written in Kotlin work flawlessly within Java codes. Two languages work in unison on the same project.

Inbuilt Null Safety

The NullPointerException is responsible for Android and Java development mistakes. Basically, Android relies on it to represent an absence of value, but null can destroy an app. While Kotlin solves this issue incorporating the inherent null safety, which saves developers from writing an extra code, to solve this case.

No Checked Exceptions

This Java feature can become problematic, as checked exceptions occur when compiler forces the caller of function to catch an exception. The fact is that this is often unnecessary and causes empty catch blocks. It is also annoyable for developers, to go through the code and find exceptions that never can occur. Kotlin simply removed them, as a result, verbosity is minimized and type-safety is improved.

No cost adoption

Due to the fact that Kotlin is an open source language – there is no need to spend some extra money on it. The use of the language starts with Java-to-Kotlin converter tool, so can easily adapt existing Java files. So there are no extra efforts required, which is definitely a time and money effective.

Reasons why Kotlin should be used in Android development

Is it really necessary for developers to learn Kotlin?

And again there are some arguments on that point, for now, it is not necessary to completely switch to Kotlin, but it is important to keep in mind that this language is going to have grown popularity sooner or later. Furthermore, for those who are familiar with Java, learning Kotlin will not make a big challenge.

Predictions say that the language will impact app development on a massive scale, so it definitely worth to learn the basics, and be an app to date with the latest trends.

Summing up

Despite the fact that Kotlin is quite newly developed language, it already has a list of advantages, which gives all the rights to name it as a language of future. Several brands are already converted to Kotlin, including Amazon, Pinterest, Netflix, and Uber, and it’s only beginning. Mind it while planning development of your future.