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Developing a smart enterprise system is really beneficial for your business. All the difficult business operations can be controlled with the help of it. The key solutions are automized, and the decision making is much easier. Smart enterprise system development can be challenging sometimes, because you need to take into consideration many important factors.

One of the key aspects of the successful smart enterprise system development is choosing the right tech stack. If you make a good choice, your tech stack can enhance your product quality and positively influence its prosperity. Also the choice of a tech stack has an impact on the security of the product and its performance. At the same time, if the tech stack to build smart enterprise system is not appropriate, it can affect the quality of a product and the main processes.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about choosing a tech stack for smart enterprise system development, what are the features of top tech stack for developing a smart enterprise system and how to select the right tech stack for building a smart enterprise system. If you feel that you are interested, keep on reading!

The Definition of a Smart Enterprise System

The first question that arises is: what is smart enterprise system? Put simply, enterprise systems are large-scale packages of software. They help companies with the most difficult business operations. If you want to remain relevant in the market, smart enterprise system development is definitely a thing you should consider. Moreover, your company’s resources and processes are optimized with the help of it. It is also the ultimate tool to collect all the important data. Smart enterprise system boosts the productivity of employees, which generally enhances all the processes in the company.

Developing a smart enterprise system and smart enterprise solutions is popular among many industries, such as healthcare, real estate, education, delivery etc. It guarantees all these industries security, saves the costs of the companies and allows them to come up with new creative ideas. You can also keep track of your business income and expenses. Implementing a smart enterprise system can help you resolve the problems with the sales process, improve service tracking and optimize the logistics. Automated system, scheduling, communication – that’s what you get from implementing a smart enterprise system.

Tips for Choosing the Best Tech Stack for Building a Smart Enterprise System

Smart Enterprise System Development: Technology Stack Components

The tech stack for building a smart enterprise system includes a lot of things. Basically, tech stack is a combination of technologies which are used to run a project or an application. Tech stack for creating a smart enterprise system consists of frameworks, programming languages, databases, applications connected via APIs and, of course, front-end tools and back-end tools.

Frontend technology stack and backend technology stack are the main development components. Let’s figure out what they mean and what technologies each consists of.

Frontend Technology Stack

The main responsibility of frontend technology stack is to determine the structure, behavior, design and logic of all the elements that are visible on the screen while interacting with websites and mobile apps. It’s really important to create the best user experience. With the help of it, you can make an interface that will fully satisfy your potential clients.

Backend technology stack

Backend technology stack includes all the libraries, languages and utilities which are helpful in application development. With the help of this framework you will be provided with basic functionalities needed to build an application. It gives you possibility to communicate with your database, handle users’ requests and many other functions.

However, you should not only choose a tech stack for smart enterprise system development. You should know which programming languages and frameworks are the best for smart enterprise system development. The best open-source frameworks for smart enterprise system are Moqui, Dolibarr, ERP Next, Odoo, Tryton etc. Talking about appropriate programming languages, you should consider Python, Java, JavaScript, C#.

Tips for Choosing the Best Tech Stack for Building a Smart Enterprise System

What to Consider for Choosing the Right Technology Stack?

If you want to choose the best stack for smart enterprise system development, you need to take into account a couple of factors. They all influence how your technology stack for smart enterprise system development will look. Don’t forget, that the right tech stack for smart enterprise system development has a great effect on your project. If you want to choose the best tech stack for creating enterprise systems, take a look at the most crucial aspects you need to take into consideration.

The type of project

The type of app development has an impact on сhoosing the technology stack for developing a smart enterprise system. The bigger the project is, the more complex is the development process. If your project is small, there are more built-in templates and features, which definitely simplifies the whole process. You need to consider more unique templates if your project is large.


One of the aspects that should be considered about technology stack using in smart enterprise system development is scalability. You can upgrade your project with some advanced features and functionalities. It’s important to choose a tech stack that would allow you some improvements.


You should definitely take into consideration your development team’s expertise while choosing the ultimate tech stack for your project. If there are some issues in the development process, the expert team should be able to solve them and offer up to date solutions.


It’s crucial to remember that your application should be easy to manage and maintain. If the development process is well-thought-out, fixing bugs and finding errors becomes not so difficult of a task. In the long perspective, it’s always preferable to choose a tech stack that is flexible enough to be managed.

Cost of development

Sure, you cannot neglect the cost of your app development. To get the most out of your tech stack, you should focus on licensed versions, because they provide you with all the needed features and functionalities. Sure, it costs more, but the result is definitely worth it. Of course, you should analyze your budget, and only then choose the tech stack that suits you the most.

Examples of The Best Stack for Smart Enterprise System Development

It’s important to know some of the best stacks for application development. If you have a clear vision of what is best for you, you are one step closer to developing a top-notch product. Let’s have a look at the most popular tech stacks and the reasons why they are in such a high demand.


With the help of Mean Stack you can develop dynamic enterprise applications and websites, including Express.js, MongoDB, Angular JS, Node.js. JavaScript in Mean Stack is responsible for developing client and server-side applications.


MERN and MEAN are quite similar. MERN has a great library source, is able to deploy codes on browsers and servers at the same time. It uses the framework called React. This framework is known for its flexibility and ability to perform on a highest level.


If you are interested in building a dynamic application, .NET is the ultimate choice for you! First of all, this tech stack has been roughly tested, and is proven to be satisfying for the demands of developers. You can combine .NET with some open-source technologies, this way it would be even more effective.


ROR is deciphered as the Ruby on Rails. You can develop the app quickly, as ROR has fast integration features that make the whole process faster and more effective. One more plus is a built-in database and open-source codes in a great amount. It’s really convenient for the developers, as it greatly saves their time.


Flutter is one of the most successful technology stacks out there. Flutter offers a great variety of widgets, Flutter engine, Dart platform and Foundation Library. Using a single codebase, you are able to develop apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac etc.

What Determines the Cost of the Tech Stack?

Now you are familiar with the best examples of tech stacks and their advantages. Of course, you should not forget about the cost of the tech stack. It’s important to estimate your budget before you choose it.

The cost of tech stack varies from $30 to $250. However, the price depends on many factors. For example, the kind of developer you are looking for plays a great role. Front-end developers are the cheapest: their minimal rate is $30 and their maximum is $150. Back-end developers are somewhere in the middle of the price policy: the price varies from $45 to $150. The most expensive are full-stack developers, and their price range is the widest: from $30 to $250.

The price also depends on the technologies you decide to implement in your project. Some of these technologies can be really rare, that’s why the price is higher in such cases. At the same time, certain technologies are commonly used and are the basis of every development process. It’s crucial to take these factors into consideration before estimating your budget.

How to Reduce the Cost and Timeline of Smart Enterprise System Development?

Smart enterprise system development may require not only your costs, but also a great amount of time. Sure, you need to pay a lot of attention to details to make your product of a high quality, but there are ways to reduce the cost and timeline of smart enterprise system development. It’s important to manage every development step wisely, and this way, it will be more beneficial for you.

First of all, it is recommended to use the technologies you are already familiar with. This way you will know what to expect and how to manage your time properly. The next useful tip is to outsource your development. It’s a common knowledge, that in-house development solutions are much more expensive than outsourcing. It is also a good idea to use Backend-as-a-Service solution. You can rely on BaaS providers to supply you with file storage, database, cloud infrastructure and other important elements. Besides saving your time and costs, implementing BaaS is beneficial as it allows you to have a lot of processes automated, for example, authentication, push notifications, emails and integration with social networks.

All these things are helpful if you want to reduce the cost of smart enterprise system development. If you have a full control over your budget, it guarantees you a more thought out development process with less issues occurring on the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to decide which technology stack to choose for an enterprise system?

To choose the best technology stack you should consider the type of your project, scalability, expertise, maintenance and cost of development.

Which stack to choose for smart enterprise system development?

You  should choose tech stack that is appropriate for your business needs and which features seem the most beneficial for your project.

What is the most popular tech stack for smart enterprise system development?

The most popular tech stack for smart enterprise system development is MEAN. With the help of it you can develop dynamic enterprise applications and websites.