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It is not a secret any business requires a good website to offer its service and attract more customers. It will be difficult to imagine the site without applying professional tools. Nowadays developers choose JS frameworks because of their endless benefits like safety, efficiency, and cost. In fact, there are many JS frameworks for each development platform. But let’s look at the most popular tools.

Ember and its benefits

Image — Ember — JS framework

The main aim of Ember it to do all things quickly. It offers developers the best practices for the chosen platform. Applying the following JS is a great solution to start a new project. Moreover, Ember.js provides users with some external tools which will be of great advantage. Among the other benefits are:

  • Ember Inspector option allows inspecting all available objects in the browser’s developer tools;
  • a set “ember-cli” presents a diverse world of significant tools for adding to app toolkit.

Vue and its benefits

Image — Vue — JS framework

Vue.js is a state-of-the-art JavaScript framework for developing adaptable user interfaces and advanced one-page resources. One of the main advantages of this software platform is the ease of integration into projects with other libraries. Among other benefits are:

Top 10 JS frameworks and their benefits for web developmentVue.js development

  • enhanced HTML – helps to optimize the processing of HTML-blocks using various components;
  • maximum performance – the Vue app has the highest performance compared to other frameworks thanks to the excellent speed and flexibility;
  • detailed documentation – speeds up the learning process for developers, which in turn saves time on developing applications using basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.

Angular and its benefits

Image — Angular — JS framework

It is JavaScript-framework for creating landing pages. The main goal is to expand the add-ons created on the basis of the MVC pattern, improve development and testing. The benefits of AngularJS include:

Top 10 JS frameworks and their benefits for web developmentAngular development

  • MVVM allows separating models and views to change them separately from each other (for example, the developer sets the parameters for working with data, while the designer works with the interface);
  • two-way data binding – frees the server from having to work with templates, displaying them as HTML tags;
  • improved RXJS and accelerated compilation (less than 3 seconds), new HttpClient launcher.

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React and its benefits

Image — React — JS framework

React is a JavaScript library that is used to develop applications for Android and iOS with the ability to change data constantly. The use of the platform when creating single- and multi-page web resources ensures their simplicity and scalability, as well as the high speed of work. Distinctive features of React.js include:

Top 10 JS frameworks and their benefits for web developmentAndroid development

  • simple syntax for ease of learning and application – development on React.js takes a minimum of time since it does not require an in-depth study of TypeScript;
  • the possibility of work at high load – subject to simultaneous use with ES6 / 7 ReactJS;
  • virtual DOM – allows setting the difference between the previous and the current state of the interface to optimize browser updates;
  • constant updates of the library data in accordance with the wishes and feedback of the developers react application.

NodeJS and its benefits

Image — NodeJS — JS framework

Node is a platform with the ability to work with the DOM through the library. It gives the possibility to write a complete program for the Web, Linux, OS X, Windows. Of course, it is suitable for creating an API – there are many suitable libraries, for example, Loopback. Among its advantages are:

Top 10 JS frameworks and their benefits for web developmentNode.js development

  • a convenient and functional package manager -npm. It makes managing modules and dependencies easy and comfortable;
  • the devs will not depend on third-party servers to build libraries for processing requests and responses with Node;
  • this platform also provides better performance in some situations.

Meteor and its benefits

Image — Meteor — JS framework

Meteor is a new JavaScript platform designed to automate and simplify the development of real-time web applications. It has lots of benefits:

  • single language;
  • the frontend, backend, and database are fully translated to JavaScript, which simplifies the development process;
  • smart packages;
  • meteor allows increasing the number of users with very simplified accounting systems, and also provides a smart package for other things, such as creating CoffeeScript applications.

Backbone and its benefits

Image — Backbone — JS framework

It is a lightweight MV framework that allows you to structure the code of JavaScript applications. It has lots of advantages and:

  • deals with easy usability modules;
  • uses traditional web dev libraries;
  • is created to meet all users’ requirements.

Mithril and its advantages

Image — Mithril — JS framework

It is not a very popular framework. However, many developers choose it to create the one-page app on a client-side because of numerous advantages:

  • size. The framework is really lightweight and fast;
  • it deals with any browser and doesn’t require polyfills;
  • has a minimum of DOM updates thanks to a virtual algorithm.

Polymer and its benefits

Image — Polymer — JS framework

Polymer is an open source JavaScript library for creating applications based on web components. Choosing the library means a developer will get:

  • easier creation of web components;
  • two-way data-binding;
  • dynamic properties;
  • conditional and duplicate patterns;
  • more convenient work with events.

Aurelia and its benefits

Image — Aurelia — JS framework

Aurelia is a next-generation framework that uses modern concepts like ES6, web components, and modularity to help on the development of powerful, future-proof applications. Among its benefits are:

  • forward-thinking;
  • two-way data binding;
  • extensible HTML;
  • routing and UI Composition;
  • broad language support.

Summing Up

All in all, a framework is a software product that, to a certain extent, simplifies the developer’s life — it provides turnkey solutions, which is very important when working with a project. It is necessary for increasing the speed of development, gaining new experience and improving the professional level. As you can see the number of JS frameworks is incredible. The following advantages may help to understand which one meets your requirements.

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