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Viktoriya Khomyn
Head of Engagement
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Technological development has an amazing influence on people’s lives, these days. The world changes rapidly and it is difficult to imagine it, without all those technologies, which have occupied all spheres. It is all the same about the financial area that also requires constant improvement and fresh ideas. Last year proved it for sure. It becomes evident that not only large and well-known companies can earn money but new and young businesses have chances to be competent players in the modern market. So, let’s see what the following year prepares for the financial area and its members, to meet the financial trends of 2018.

1. Mobile phones are still at the top

It goes without saying that smartphones are an integral part of people’s life, nowadays. It’s a well-known fact, especially, when we are talking about a young generation that uses them almost the whole day. It would be a surprise to meet a person, who doesn’t have a mobile phone in the pocket. Both men and women prefer to do all operations with help of a smartphone, including financial operations as well. So, that means that all banks, payment services as well as other financial institutions will go on developing and creating various mobile applications, to meet the requirements of modern customers and tap into the following market.

2. Security is a must

There is hardly a person in the whole world who hasn’t heard about such scandal situations as banning Kaspersky by the American government, as well as the situation with Equifax. So, it is evident that security solutions will be in high demand this year, as well. Control of local authorities is just incredible. It is the main reason for the web community to be interested in powerful tools which will guarantee the high protection of any financial interaction between partners all over the world.

3. AI solutions for everybody

Of course, people are never fully satisfied with things and services they are offered with. They always want to get more user-friendly and safe solutions, when dealing with payments or banking in general. That’s why banking will continue focusing on applying AI technologies and machine learning to meet the requirements of available and potential clients. As a result, people will get apps with an artificial intelligence interface, adapting according to their behavior. All in all, AI tools will assist the financial institution in quick analyzing large volumes of the information and offering unique ideas for further enhancing of financial products, which all customers are eager to get and enjoy.

4. ICOs: clients want more

It should be noticed that the 2017 year brought about $4 billion to ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), exceeding traditional. Of course, the following trend is going to increase this year as well. It will continue until special regulators set a limit to this trend. In other words, governments are looking for solutions on regulating the following area but still have no rules to do it. It is interesting but the sector wants to be self-regulated and presents a code of the best practices. Anyway, ICOs have proved that access to the financial area can be democratic no matter on the country you come from or the project you want to present.

5. Regtech: smart tools for the world

One of the most promising fintech trends is Regtech. This is about the collaboration of startups with various banks in order to enhance and optimize all internal processes including risks, cyber security, identification, and compliance. The main reason for it is extra expenses, which pushed banks to search for additional tools to automate all possible process. It is great as there is a plenty of initiatives all over the world and their number is increasing every day. For example, Spain can boast about one hundred such startups.

6. Blockchain gathers pace

Blockchain can boast real users, at last. It can record financial transactions that occur between 2 parties very quickly and on a permanent basis. Everything proves that the following technology has a great potential so interest in it is just increasing every day. Lots of various companies presented pilot programs last year including health care and financial services, as well as global shipping. So, Blockchain has all chances for rapid growth in the future.

7. The public cloud becomes a dominant model

Nowadays lots of financial establishments use cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) apps for all major business processes. Moreover, they are eager to make them the main solutions for all operations like KYC verification or security analytics. This technology quickly becomes popular in such spheres as credit scoring and consumer payments. Soon, it has all chances to transfer current account functions into utilities.

Summing up

Image - 7 IT Trends in Financial Services

More and more countries follow China that is considered to be the world’s fintech leader. It is explained by the fact that some technologies such as Blockchain have influenced the following industry greatly. Actually, their democratization gives amazing power for everybody no matter where a person lives and what the occupation is.

Of course, mentioned above technologies is not everything for 2018 is going to impress with. However, they are the most significant and most revolutionary solutions that will change fintech forever. The world definitely will not be the same thanks to such powerful technologies and their developers.