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Viktoriya Khomyn
Head of Engagement
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We are living in the time of Global changes and mass development of the technologies. Sometimes it is really hard to follow all the trends, as they change each other rapidly. A few years ago we haven`t been thinking about the existence of cryptocurrency, while today even the lazy people are discussing the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. What will next years of technological development bring to us? Let’s have a look at the prediction of IT trends that will shake the world in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Augmented and Virtual Reality

Artificial intelligence is something that is being discussed everywhere, but it is not implemented by mass businesses yet. We all have heard about Siri, Alexa, and human-like robot Sofia, who shook the world of technologies recently. Not everyone is aware of the fact that artificial intelligence has been existing among us for many years. One of the branches of artificial intelligence is the development of the face-detection feature that is not used only for smartphone unlocking. Basically, face detection has been used for years until now. Curious how?  Have you ever noticed, that Facebook offers you to tag your friends in the photos? Also, this feature is available on every smartphone, when your photos are being sorted by people, locations, and dates. Those are examples of Artificial intelligence and face detection in action. The face recognition can be implemented into video monitoring of premises, and increasing security of Banks and ATMs. For example, in addition to password identification ATM terminal could recognize a person by face. Also, employers will be able to track how much time employees are spending at the workplaces. In order to do that, an employer will not need to spend hours next to the CCTV, the system would do it by itself and manager will get a report at the end of the certain period of the time. In the previous years, almost all the companies have been presenting Head-mounted displays. This equipment may show an image generated by computer only, or a mix of reality and virtual reality. Some people claim that it is the next generation of expensive toys for children, while others say that it will become an important element if daily life. Experts are sure that during the next years AI, Robotics, AR, and VR will increase cooperation, offering more complementary solutions for businesses. The next year will show the new directions, in the technological development.

Internet of Things and the development of “Human Less” solutions

“Smart home”, “smart building”, “smart office” “smart shops and storages” – all those “smart” innovations are surrounding us over the past few years. This is an outcome of the Internet of Things development.

The American shop Walmart is involving smart storages and smart shelves, those innovations allow shelves and storages monitor the number of goods which is left, and create orders for things which should be added. Also, they are planning to introduce robots and drones, which will place goods from storages to shelves.

Does that mean that there will be less job for humans? Managers of the shop claim the opposite, they say that new technologies will allow people to be more involved in “human tasks”, for example in cooperation with customers. Basically, the involvement of Human fewer trends will increase the number of workers in the IT sphere and decrease the requirements for people to perform physical kinds of work.

Blockchain development is not limited to Bitcoins

You surely have heard about the cryptocurrency but if you need more information – check out our article. The Blockchain technology is not limited to the use in the cryptocurrency development, there are more technologies based on the blockchain, that will be developing during next years.

Trends of the IT industry that will develop in 2018  — Inoxoft blogOne step at a time: building an online shop

Blockchain scaling. This innovation is created to accelerate processes without sacrificing security. Nowadays, in the blockchain – every computer takes part in the processing of every transaction. In fact, that is not efficient enough. Blockchain scaling figures out how many computers are required to validate each transaction, then operations are being divided. Scaling will add security, efficiency, and productivity to the existing blockchain system.

Smart contract. While a standard contract outlines the terms of a relationship (usually one enforceable by law), a smart contract enforces a relationship using cryptographic protocol. The smart contract follows and assures implementation of the contract conditions. Now the security of the following system is not perfect, but works are ongoing. Most probably, during the next few years – smart contracting will be a powerful system used by thousands of people. Also, Blockchain can be used in non-financial fields. For example, the EverLeger company uses blockchain in the supply chain, to confirm the source of origin of diamonds. At the same time, start-up uses blockchain as a system of preservation of valuables. Both, well known and covered possibilities of the Blockchain will develop during the next years.

Summing up

There was a huge development of technologies over the last two decades. The world is concerned the most on the Blockchain, Virtual reality, Artificial developments, Robotics, Smart objects, and many other things that may replace the important role of the human. What does it mean for society in reality? Will it make our life easier and more comfortable, or will cause problems for simple people?  The answer is in the hands of developers.