1C + custom business software: aggregated reports

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Inoxoft integrated one of the most popular accounting systems – 1C with the custom business software to extract the aggregated reports. The 1C is a configurable business software used predominantly for optimizing the financial and operational activities. The key feature of the program is that it can be customized for the specific needs of an individual business as well as its processes.


1C represents a complex data-storing system that still needs additional integrations to produce aggregated reports. Thus, to extract data from the system and create a role-based report for a specific department, there must be a third-party software involved.

Custom business software

Inoxoft integrated 1C with Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) – a system that tracks the information about the amount of stock in the warehouse. As a result, the accountants and employees from other departments could extract useful data in a form of aggregated reports.

Two-way data operating

To help the data change more dynamic, we established the two-way connection between the 1C and WMS: the users can do both send data from WMS to 1C as well as to send it from 1C to WMS.

Types of aggregated reports

Reports on the most demanded products

Ranking of goods requesting per period

Unpopular items for the period

Inquiries for goods for the period for the warehouse and/or market

Supply statistics for outlets

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