AI-Integrated Software Customized for Global Sales Institutions

AI-integrated software customized for global sales institutions

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Start-up company that builds powerful AI Sales Assistants for sales teams. The company applies Machine learning and Natural Language Processing tools to help global institutions boost revenue and receive the most incredible results in sales.

The key concept of the client’s idea is to provide sales industry departments with AI-based products – effective software that accelerates profit and benefits smooth B2B communication.

Business needs

Sales industry experts work extensively on obtaining the highest Return on Investment as possible. They start by establishing reliable connections with customers based on successful email communication. So, firstly, improvement in sales demands automatization in chatting and data processing. AI and NLP are excellent for integrating human-friendly tools in improving communication between a sales representative and a prospect. Such an approach helps to quickly build consumer trust and increase customer engagement.

The need to increase profit has led our client to the ultimate decision – to design an automated system that simplifies the negotiation process between a seller and a potential client. Its primary function would lie in improving mailing through the integration of NLP. The system has to conduct proper coding and decoding of the messages according to the necessary criteria. Thus, the feedback on how to reply properly to trigger customer’s attention would be provided automatically to the sender.

inoxoft Solution
Inoxoft delivered multifunctional AI-powered Chrome sales browser extension applicable for Gmail and G-suite. Customized specifically for sales agents, it analyzes email threads in B2B communication, evaluates prospects’ emails, and recommends effective responses to them.

imageProject duration
6 months

imageTeam Composition
  • 1 — Full-Stack Software Engineer
  • 1 — Quality Assurance 
  • 1 — Project Manager

AI-Integrated Software Customized for Global Sales Institutions
AI-Integrated Software Customized for Global Sales Institutions
Key Features
  • AI-powered and NLP-involved data analysis.
  • Installation as an add-on extension downloaded from Google Store.
  • Identification of User/Participants roles in chatting.
  • Accessing to internal system of extension through Admin account.
  • Suggestion on causes of a prospect’s positive or negative reaction to email.
  • Immediate feedback on text criteria that are to be improved.

We successfully resolved the challenges and managed to:

  • Apply email parsing to extract specific data from incoming emails.
  • Compile rules that withdraw relevant data for each section.
  • Adapt parsing to layouts of different email clients.
  • Identify who are senders — these are either invited participants or admin users.
  • Differentiate Clients from Participant to give exact analysis and score of text.

Inoxoft solution meets client’s all expectations, matches business goals and now assists in:

  • Providing critical insights of text messages for sales.
  • Leveraging the impact of sales promotion through chatting.
  • Better uderstanding of potential clients.
  • Increasing revenue due to simplified and effective mail analysis.
  • shipment.

Future prospect for real-time analysis of audio calls: human sounds will be transformed 
into text.

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AI-Integrated Software Customized for Global Sales Institutions

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