An Art Data Platform

An Art Data Platform

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  • e-Commerce

The client is an art discovery and analytics startup whose idea was to empower art professionals (artists, gallerists, art collectors, and investors) to better understand their art collection’s value with the help of data collection and visualization.

Business needs

If you are a professional art dealer or an art connoisseur you know that there are some artworks that can be classified at the first sign. It is difficult to estimate the value of some artworks, especially of young artists, so the client came up with an idea to create a platform that allows to analyze art (images) from upcoming artists (on Instagram) and predict influence and price.

This platform was going to be a prospective tool for artists who uploaded their art on Instagram or for galleries that tried to estimate their art.

An Art Data Platform
An Art Data Platform
inoxoft Solution
Inoxoft’s team delivered a custom art data platform that analyzes the social media interactions of influential people in the art world, makes predictions based on art category, style, popularity, and price.

imageProject duration
6 months
imageTeam Composition
  • 1 — Project Manager
  • 1 — Data Scientists
  • 1 — Machine Learning Lead
  • 2 — Sofrware Engineers
  • Tensorflow
  • Selenium
  • Scrapy
  • Django
  • Docker Compose + AWS

An Art Data Platform
An Art Data Platform
Key features
  • Сustom Tensorflow training and model deployment.
  • Data collection.
  • Prediction of: art category, style, popularity, price.

Among the challenges Inoxoft’s team has met was to identify the categories, which the analysis had to be based on, as art pricing is highly dependent on the category of the art (Sculpture, Painting, Photography etc…)


Inoxoft’s team has produced the top-notch machine learning model for the client allowing him to:

  • Analyze the social media interactions of the most influential artist in the industry.
  • Categorize different types of art (paintings, statues, photos, etc).
  • Determine the value of particular art , based on the photos of art works.
  • Upload a picture to get predictions.
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