An On-Demand Delivery App of Essential Home Fuels

An on-demand web and mobile application that focuses on delivery service for refills and new purchases of essential home fuels.
The Client
Our client is a USA-based entrepreneur who wanted to make the distribution of home fuels accessible for the local citizens and delivered according to American legal and technical standards.
e-Commerce, Marketplace

Project Duration:
6 Months
Team Size:
Flutter, Python (Django), AWS, HTML&CSS, JS, PostgreSQL
Project Idea

The project idea was to develop software to provide essential home fuels for American citizens within the states. The solution would facilitate the search and purchase of supplies, considering the regulation of American law.


Inoxoft presented a user-convenient on-demand web and mobile application that serves as a homefueler. It focuses on delivery service for refills and new purchases of essential home fuels within 24 hours from the moment an order is placed.

Business Value

According to U.S. regulations, it is prohibited to buy, sell and distribute essential home fuels without legal permission. And since this regulation varies in each state, the delivery process becomes a burden to U.S. citizens. Hence, the developed web and mobile solutions disrupt the complex fuel delivery.

Core features
  1. Creating orders in convenient way
  2. Selecting and accepting the best bid
  3. Communicating via an order-specific chat
  4. Giving sellers feedback by rating them
  5. Viewing order status changes and history
  6. Selecting the comfortable delivery area
  7. Managing, and monitoring orders and user-roles
  8. Integrating with Google API, Firebase, Google/Apple Pay, Visa/Mastercard, Stripe

Full Story

Inoxoft solution

Fuel supply in the USA is an activity regulated by American law. Thus, the delivery market has little to offer regarding the provision of essential home fuels. The search and purchase of home essential fuels become a burden for people who use them for cooking (barbecues), boiling water, lighting, and heating.

Being unable to order essential home fuels quickly and aware that the process is also complex for others, our client saw a potential problem that needed a quick solution. And that’s how the concept of the project was born!

To start using the app, you will have to register first. The application will offer to choose one of the two user roles based on your intentions: a Buyer or a Seller.

After registering to the platform, buyers can create orders of any home essential fuel by selecting details (timeframe, fuel type, delivery radius, etc.). The buyer's submitted order goes straight to the approved network of sellers, who will send their bids back when the bid remains open. Buyers choose a seller based on price, car description, rate, and possible notes (e.g., "I can deliver within 30 min!").

Sellers go through an application process on a web platform that includes a background check, agreement signing, and safety protocols. They also submit all the necessary documents according to the state's regulations. After getting the admin's approval, sellers receive access to the mobile app and submit bids to deliver fuel.

To win a bid, sellers can search the bid with the best-fitted radius and destination, set a price, optionally leave a note, and check the status of submitted bids. After accepting a best-fit offer, both buyer and seller get a notification about the deal and can start a chat to discuss details.

The next step allows buyers to pay for the service, using different convenient payment systems immediately after confirming an offer. Sellers, in their turn, receive payment after clicking the “delivered” button. After receiving an order, buyers get a notification that it is completed.

To manage internal activities within the app, Inoxoft provided an admin panel. The role of the administrator is to perform background checks, generate all the necessary documents, activate or remove user profiles and manage the system according to regulation policies in the industry.

During the development stage, Inoxoft’s team had to make the adjustments to payment system platform integration regularities and policies. Additionally, we have also refined the multiple-role architecture with role-specific limitations.


Inoxoft’s software engineers produced an on-demand web and mobile application that allows users to:

  • Smooth functionality and security of the system.
  • Possibility to analyze statistical data on different levels of organization from employee to the whole enterprise.
  • An automated process of conducting questionnaires without delays.
  • Flexible opportunity to handle internal problems and misunderstandings in the tense working environments.
  • Possibility to send quick understandable reports via the app.
  • Company leaders understanding the true atmosphere in company and relations between employees.
  • Developed communication tool to notify about tips, compliments and complaints within a circle of coworkers.

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