Bridging Publishing Vendors And Users

The client approached the Inoxoft company with a request to devise software that would allow the users print out the scanned books and regulate their amount, price, and quality of materials. The application had to bridge the private vendors, specialized scanning devices (KIC), and the individual users in order to enable people to print the books they wanted.


  • Bridge the vendors with the individual users
  • Devise the best price calculation algorithm
  • Propose a range of vendors
  • Connect the KICs with vendors
  • Make the UI/UX concise


  • Multiple shipping and printing vendors
  • Ability to see the exact time of receiving the book
  • Flexible configuration of book features
  • No third parties in the printing process
  • The application is deeply adapted to the KIC devices


  • Direct cooperation between the vendors and users
  • Simple pricing management
  • Precise date of receiving the goods
  • High quality of scanned material