Career Mapper Platform

Career Mapper Platform

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Our client, a USA-based entrepreneur, believes that the perfect match between skills and jobs is essential to career satisfaction. So, she wanted to create a service for people who want to change their career path, to make the transition process smoother and more convenient.

Business needs

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a job or even to understand what you want to do. And sometimes people are looking for completely different career options that fit their skills and passion. So, our client saw an opportunity to help them by creating a platform that can predict and match job hunters with relevant careers.

inoxoft Solution
Inoxoft delivered a platform that, based on real-time data, gathers across the career options to provide multi-level matching, predict and match job hunters with careers, decode the required skills and expected activities and offer experts assist through a video chat.

imageProject duration
2020 - Ongoing
imageTeam Composition
  • 1 — Project Manager
  • 1 — Data Scientist
  • 1 — Machine Learning Lead
  • 1 — Designer
  • 4 — Sofrware Engineers
  • Tensorflow
  • Selenium
  • Docker Compose + AWS
  • Django
  • React Native

Career Mapper Platform
Career Mapper Platform
Key Features
  • Custom Tensorflow training and model deployment.
  • Web Scraping.
  • Data collection.
  • Predictions.
  • Expert’s assist.

During the development stage, Inoxoft’s team had the following challenges:

  • The app has many features (scheduling, web scraping, ML, email and calendar notifications, payments, etc..) and the coordination and timeline organizaiton for a successful beta was the first challenge we faced (and overcame!).

Inoxoft has successfully implemented the client’s business need. Our team managed to create a language model platform that:

  • Collects data.
  • Matches people to the career, based on a real-time data.
  • Supports users by offering variety of services.
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