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The Client
Our client is a USA-based entrepreneur who believes that the perfect match between skills and jobs is essential to career satisfaction. So, she wanted to create a solution that could change how people approach work and allow everyone to find success and joy in their work.
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Project Duration:
1 year
Flutter, Python (Django), Docker Compose + AWS, Selenium, Tensorflow
Project Idea

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a job or even to understand what you want to do. Therefore, people seek different career options that fit their skills and passion. Our client saw an opportunity to help them by creating a solution to predict and match job hunters with relevant careers.


Inoxoft delivered a web-based platform and a cross-platform mobile application with Machine Learning and Data modeling capabilities. Based on real-time data, our solution gathers across the career options to provide multi-level matching, predict and match job hunters with careers, decode the required skills and expected activities, and offer expert assistance through a video chat.

Business Value

With a comprehensive ML model, Inoxoft’s solution attracts more and more users willing to gain valuable insights, and most importantly, reshape the way they navigate careers.

Core Features
  • Custom Tensorflow training and Model Deployment
  • Web Scraping, Data collection, Predictions
  • Personalized calendars for experts 
  • Email and calendar notifications
  • Integration with LinkedIn, The Muse, Stripe, Zoom

Full Story

There is always a chance that some employees feel burned out at work or who knows that it’s time for a change but doesn’t know where to start. With a platform Inoxoft created for our clients, a chance to get what they need is closer than ever. 

The platform functions as

Career mapper

Based on data from a variety of roles, it gives users step-by-step actions on how to successfully transition into a new career. 

Expert assistant

The platform allows career seekers to connect with industry experts to answer their questions. Users can organize 1:1 interviews with experts via Zoom to explore and transition into the new career path. 

How it works:

After subscribing to the service, users upload their resumes and fill out the questionnaire. Meanwhile with the help of a custom ML model, the system scores 

  • The user’s skills
  • Career paths
  • Companies
  • Job posts (open positions) 
  • Courses

Based on the data gathered across the career paths and the user’s personal information, the ML model provides users with a list of possible career options sorted by rating: from top match to low match.

In addition to сreating the path matches, service offers: 

  • to perform research before the job interview, the user can focus on practicing
  • personalized cheat sheet with role and company specifications
  • industry overview
  • live job postings
  • a list of required courses to strengthen skills & competencies


Inoxoft has successfully implemented the client’s business need. Our team managed to create a language model platform that

  • Collects data
  • Matches people to their careers, based on real-time data
  • Supports users by offering a variety of services

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