Chatbot Development

A chatbot is a cost-efficient personal online helper that knows the shortcuts for time-consuming routing processes such as planning, synchronizing the schedules in multiple planners. Inoxoft crafts the chatbots that simplify and optimize the development processes by organizing the Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment (CICD).


The CICD is a vital service that eases the life of develops.
We drew inspiration from this and devised a chatbot that creates a shortcut: it uses a command written in Slack that gives an impulse to the Git and pushes the deployment delivering the flawless CICD. Also, this chatbot could connect Slack with Jira and trigger actions.


Genius is simplicity and so are chatbots. Our Slack chatbot saves time in the following way: it shows and changes the events booked in the Google Calendar right in the Slack dialogue. It builds a shortcut between the history of meetings in a calendar and enables to book or cancel one of the existing meetings.


Positive attributes of working with INOXOFT are their excellence with committing to timelines and their strength in communication. They delivered exactly what was requested of them and will be onboarded for future projects.