Chatbot development

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The chatbots have accomplished the usability test and evolved into multifunctional life helpers. They create shortcuts to actions, break the ice in communication, and change the customer behaviors.


LinkedIn, Facebook, Telegram, Bank of America, eBay, Slack and many others have already integrated the chatbots in their online services.


For what? — To transform the vital aspects of routine business conduct by implementing chatbots that do the following tasks:


Chatbot development

Support the customers and influence the buyer behavior

Chatbot development

Simplify the scheduling and planning

Chatbot development

Manage the relationships with customers

Chatbot development

Collect feedback and interpret numbers



A chatbot is a cost-efficient personal online helper that knows the shortcuts for time-consuming routing processes such as planning, synchronizing the schedules in multiple planners. Inoxoft crafts the chatbots that simplify and optimize the development processes by organizing the Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment (CICD).


The CICD is a vital service that eases the life of develops. We drew inspiration from this and devised a chatbot that creates a shortcut: it uses a command written in Slack that gives an impulse to the Git and pushes the deployment delivering the flawless CICD. Also, this chatbot could connect Slack with Jira and trigger actions.

Slack Organization Management Chatbot

The organization management is a set of scrupulous tasks that require hours and hours of managers’ work time.


Chatbots for Slack is gaining great popularity. Slack – is a multifunctional tool for task tracking is loved by thousands of managers around the globe. We know that each business has unique needs, however, the time-saving stands out as one of the most important.


Genius is simplicity and so are chatbots. Our Slack chatbot saves time in the following way: it shows and changes the events booked in the Google Calendar right in the Slack dialogue. It builds a shortcut between the history of meetings in a calendar and enables to book or cancel one of the existing meetings.

Chatbot development
Chatbot development

Positive attributes of working with Inoxoft are their excellence with committing to timelines and their strength in communication. They delivered exactly what was requested of them and will be on onboard for future projects

Thank You!

Chatbot development

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