Growing competitive advantage with sport tracking application

  • Sports
  • Android
  • GPS
  • Java
  • Math Modeling Algorythms

The sports performance supported by an extensive data collection is a new word in the world of professionals. Our client requested a mobile app pursuing the aim of the rowing technique improvement and increase the sports results.


The main challenge of calculating the number of rows lied in the physical nature of the very row


Hence, the main challenge was to optimize the Math Model, which would count the rows, to the very rowing process


The physical nature of rowing is difficult to calculate due to the simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement that causes the additional mathematical noises that change the statistics curve

Ideally, the mobile application had to react to the sharp moves of the rowers to count the number of rows. However, this task was complicated by the vertical and horizontal movement of the racing shell

  • The primary task for the Inoxoft developers was to calibrate the application so it would count only the rowing moves and ignore all the rest.
  • We conducted a specific calibration procedure with vertical balancing and adjusting the mathematical model, responsible for counting the number of rows, to the specifically devised Math Model.
  • In the core of the application lies the Math Model that allows the user to see the basic statistics for each minute, five hundred meters, and the entire way.
  • Having this specific data, the trainers can optimize the rhythm and frequency of the rows and, eventually, improve the sports performance.

Eventually, the client received an application that records the essential rowing parameters and helps the rowing trainers adjust the movement to improve the sports performance.


The application boasts the following features:


  • Accurate Row Counting System
  • High-level filter for mitigating the effect of noises
  • Improved sports performance
  • GPS tracking

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