Instant Image Processing
For Online Accounting

The client needed a mobile application that would make the process of online accounting more time and money efficient. Aiming to make the accounting process self-sufficient, the client addressed the Inoxoft company with a request to create an automated process of invoice calculations.


  • To bridge the users with server
  • Allow users enrich the database
  • Save client’s time and money
  • Make an intuitive UI/UX


In effect, the Inoxoft developers created an application that bridges the employees with the automated accounting system on the server. Now, the employer does not have to hire an accountant and can simply access the accounting system to track the up-to-date state of financial affairs. Saving the physical space on the table, the clients store and calculate all expense-related documentation thanks to the Accounting Application that links the users with the server.


  • Easy and instant access to online database
  • UI/UX developed according to the brand book
  • Easy downloading of invoice and check photographs