Learning Management System Development

An interactive web platform for teachers and students that helps automate, enhance and effectively manage online learning processes.
The Client
Our client is an English teacher with 13 years of experience and a constant eagerness to improve their online services. They have a successful educational blog with more than 500,000 followers, where they share creative and useful learning materials.

Project Duration:
1,5 years
Team Size:
Python (Django), ReactJS, Canvas, Ruby on Rails
Project Idea

The client wanted to expand online services to meet the demands of their students and automate time-consuming processes. The idea was to create a convenient solution that offers a unique studying path for every student and increases sales productivity. 


Inoxoft presented an interactive feature-rich platform that provides teachers and students with user-friendly web apps designed for online lessons.

Business Value

Our solution enhances the client's business productivity by automating the learning process. It also allows teachers to easily join the platform and bring even more value to the studying process.  Such an efficient workflow and personalized approach resulted in the expansion of the client's customer base and increased their loyalty.

Core features
  1. Personalized UI design
  2. Language level test 
  3. Interactive multimedia content
  4. Real-time chat
  5. Quizzes and assignments with different complexity
  6. Gamification elements
  7. Integrations with Canvas LMS, H5P, Fondy, BigBlueButton and Gmail

Full Story

Inoxoft solution

Today, the education industry focuses heavily on advanced solutions and tech-driven approaches. Educational institutions use software to monitor tasks, adjust teacher-student communication, and, most importantly, enhance learning processes. 

Understanding the benefits of online learning, our client wanted a convenient platform that would contain their learning courses. And since they create comprehensive courses with different types of activities, the platform must be scalable and multifunctional. 

The client wanted the solution to be almost indistinguishable from their blog. So, we wrote a dynamic and attractive landing page that highlights their educational personality, “speaks” through the welcoming design, and invites students to begin their learning journey. Our team aimed to implement all the client's ideas and create a user-friendly web application without any useless features, where students would get exactly what they came for — to learn the language. 

To access a platform, a user must pass the registration process. The platform defines the availability of specific features and data based on their role. There are 3 user roles on the platform: 

  • Student
  • Teacher
  • Admin

Students as end-users can peruse the available training courses and their descriptions, including the subject, structure, duration, feedback, etc. After that, they can choose a course, pass the registration process, and get down to the payment process. In the user account, students see the list of purchased courses with quick access to them, a dashboard with upcoming activities, grades, and a calendar. 

There are two available learning paths: having real-time communication with teachers or taking courses independently. 

If students choose the first option, the platform provides them with video instructions on uploading or sending their assignments and reviewing the given feedback. They regularly get course and calendar notifications about upcoming modules and informative emails with news, checklists, and announcements of future projects. At the end of the course, students automatically receive customized certificates that verify their language level. 

In the latter option, students can access all the educational materials and learn at their own pace. The main benefit for our client is that they don't have to entirely manage or interact with the course, and yet it brings them profit, leaving the customers completely satisfied. 

Teachers can create an unlimited number of courses and post all of them right on the platform. They have much more modules than students: there are lists of registered students, their grades, recent activities, etc. Teachers can also manage the visibility of specific courses and modules for students. 

The platform itself combines many language learning methods: pictures, videos, films, tests, texts, communication, and gamification. To upload interactive content straight to the site, admins use an additional platform – H5P – to make the learning process more exciting and engaging. All administrative and technical tasks are managed through Django admin. There, admins adjust the flow of the courses – when people register, drop out or receive certificates. 

Knowing how competitive the E-learning market is, our client wants to evolve their platform constantly, implementing innovative features and services. That's why we're integrating a video conferencing feature for real-time communication integrated into the platform. It combines all the functions other online conference tools can offer: internal chat, blackboard, share screen and notes features, breakout rooms, polls, tests, etc.

From now on the client can add more services (e.g. speaking clubs, individual classes, etc) and expand their business and get even more lucrative results. 

Another thing that the client wanted to digitize is flashcards people could buy in their online shop. The new feature proposes a separate course where students receive access to online flashcards on various themes. They can see illustrations that picture the words, listen to their pronunciation, or even take a hint – lots of features for an effective learning process.

We always listen to our client's needs and expectations. So when deciding the type of platform to create, we agreed on working with Canvas LMS – a huge educational platform used mainly by universities and other educational institutions. Inoxoft's team had to complete a challenging task to customize the platform solely to the client's project, removing the extra modules and leaving the important ones. 

Currently, we continue to work with the client and extend the platform's functionality. Our communication and cooperation model is based on common ground. The client found Inoxoft's team a trustworthy partner, so we actively participated in the decision-making during the whole development process. They listen to our ideas, vision, and adjustments, knowing that would result in a high-quality and cost-effective solution. 

Due to their publicity, our client was looking for a reliable company that wouldn't damage their reputation or demolishes business. Inoxoft understands its responsibility and considers all feedback from end users. We also prioritize educating them to become more tech-savvy – how to configure email, check spam, and maintain data security. Our goal is to cover all client's fears, worries, and requests with the functionality and technologies we have in the company. 


Inoxoft's team met client’s business needs and achieved the next results:

  • Customized Canvas LMS, removing unnecessary modules and features 
  • Created landing page and admin panel from the scratch and configured them with Canvas
  • Simplified and automated administrative interaction with the platform
  • Implemented interactive features to enhance the educational platform
  • Continue to maintain and extend the functionality

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