NFT Marketplace for Creators and Collectors

The first web-based NFT platform that makes the authentication of digital art easy while avoiding the need to engage users in complex blockchain processes.
The Client
The client is a team of digital art enthusiasts that aims at solving originality and authenticity problems in the world of internet-powered art. Thus, they own an online marketplace for digital assets, focusing on NFTs.
e-Commerce, NFT

Project Duration:
Team Size:
Node. JS, ReactJS, AWS, Biconomy, DynamoDB, Elastic search, Pinata, Serverless, Typescript, Web3
Business Need

The crypto world is hard to access for an average user who tries to manage all the advanced security steps. This repels most non-technical people. The business idea was to allow users to enjoy the crypto & blockchain world while keeping everything simple.


After conducting the Discovery Phase and validating the business idea, Inoxoft delivered a responsive web platform that enables digital artists to create their own assets. The platform is accessible to anyone with a credit card, or Stripe account and not just owners of a crypto wallet.

Business Value

Unlike many similar platforms on the market that demand unraveling the intricacies of the blockchain, our solution makes NFTs accessible to a wider audience, pushing it to the top list of the world's digital marketplaces.

Core features
  1. Captivating storefront withunique assets
  2. Advanced assets search bar
  3. Smart contracts
  4. Admin panel (reports, 3d party services, transactions data)
  5. Integrations with Stripe, Twilio, Binance, Sandgrid and Pinata
  6. Royalty fees
  7. Create/ Buy/Auction NFT
  8. User profile management

Full Story

Inoxoft solution

The first NFT-based social network is a marketplace for artists who are not tech-savvy when it comes to blockchain and want to focus on the art itself. The platform offers tools and features for transforming digital artworks into NFTs so that creators can sell them directly on the platform.

Users (artists, buyers) who are interested in digital art can sign-up for the platform. The process is free-of-charge. To create an NFT artists have to enable two-factor authentication. Then they can convert digital assets (pictures, videos, GIFs) into NFTs by uploading them onto the platform through the creator section. This process is called “minting”. Users can sell NFTs they already own by trading or minting their own NFT, and then sell it.

Artists are able to set up the NFT for sale or for free, choose the license type, add unlockable content and define a fee royalty for future trades. Buyers can purchase an NFT on the platform by simply connecting their Stripe accounts before, clicking the “Own” button.

Behind the scenes, the platform creates a blockchain-based contract for every listed NFT. A so-called smart contract is used to regulate, monitor, and authorize transactions between the buyer and the seller.


With full responsibility for the technical solution on our side, Inoxoft’s team has implemented the client’s business idea and delivered a responsive web platform that enables users to:

  • Create any type of digital content (pictures, videos, GIFs).
  • Put their assets up for auction.
  • Own, showcase and collect NFT’s in 3 clicks.
  • Set the license type (unique, limited quantity, unlimited).
  • Trade, buy, sell, transfer or receive Assets.
  • Connect Stripe account.
  • Buy a digital asset and a physical asset altogether.

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