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The client is the biggest Turkish corporation, started its business path by developing small and middle-size electronic devices. The main idea of the company is to save the environment and decrease the level of pollution. Development of charger points for electric cars is one of the businesses they want to develop, due to rapid development of Electro industry.
Personal charger points for electric cars
Personal charger points for electric cars
Business needs
The company had already released a project which helps to navigate through charging points, provides a possibility to book the needed charging station and spend minimal time charging the vehicle. This time the company requested an application for control over the personal charging points, review of statistics of used electricity and allow charging only in eco-hours (when the electricity is way cheaper).
Personal charger points for electric cars
Personal charger points for electric cars
There were a few main challenges during the application development process. The first challenge was to implement proper processing and sending data in the format, the charger uses for performing specified actions. The next issue was localization. By default, iOS uses system language for localizing applications (if this localization is supported). The client wanted to give the user a possibility to change language manually inside the application without changing device system language. The biggest issue was to integrate with the charger point which was not locally available in the office. For that aim, we established a complex remote work process to perform all required activities.
Personal charger points for electric cars We created a possibility of an offline passive work, the end user may review the latest information regarding the charger.
Personal charger points for electric cars Top-notch UI was built with separate components, that can be easily reused without duplication of functionality.
Inoxoft Software developers created an application which is connected to the device with an email or Google account, localized in 10 languages. Within the application, user is able to register the charger on the cloud, which provides the user with extended possibilities of remote control of the charger point. The user can start charging now or later, use remote charging scheduling, review the statistics for a certain period of time. Personal charger points for electric cars

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Personal charger points for electric cars

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