Round-the-clock insurance agent

  • Convenient search for necessary insurance data in one mobile application
  • Instant access to personal insurance plan
  • Use the utmost of Medical Insurance with an instant approach to Personal Insurance Plan


The application is a mobile solution created to inform each ensured enterprise employee about the insurance details. Instead of addressing the insurer, each user can individually learn about the terms and conditions of insurance provision. Now, it’s possible to read the health insurance plan details such as the lists the authorized representatives, hospitals, and specialists.

Business needs

The client is the company that provides health insurance for corporate employees. The specificity of work lies in the terms of insurance provision: the company signs the contracts with the client company directors, not with each employee individually.


Since the health insurance contracts cover the medical expenses of the client’s employees, there is a need in even information distribution. The main challenge was to create a consistent mobile application that would provide the employees with the necessary information concerning the terms and conditions of health insurance provision.


The application provides a wide range of opportunities for the insured. It indicates the health insurance plan, lists the authorized representatives, hospitals, and specialists. It also provides details on the annual health insurance limits per employee.


As a result, the client received an application with “one click principle ”, where an employee can:


  • View the list of cooperating hospitals
  • Check the conditions of health insurance provision
  • See the annual health insurance limits
  • Read the details on personal employee insurance conditions
  • Address the insurance agent for further information


The Broker app allows a wide audience of insured employees approach the insurance conditions and details via their mobile phones. This solution helped the users learn about the personal insurance information and the events it covers.

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