Currency trading is a narrow spectrum industry that encompasses mechanisms of capital gain due to price movements in currencies. Rapid fluctuation in the currency market made a group of traders cooperate to launch their own business, develop unique strategies and increase revenue.

They trade at the world's 3 major stock exchanges, namely at London, New York and Tokyo and involve investors on the basis of requested proposals. Already having a considerable experience, the traders elaborated unique financial strategies and mathematical formulas to maximize profit from trading. However, the whole process of currency data analysis, price monitoring and deal arranging was done manually and proved itself to be time inefficient.

Business needs

Traders' manual work entailed the whole process that demanded a lot of time and effort to search exchange rates, structure them all, consolidate actions and manage complex calculations. Because traders lacked in a system that allows quick solutions, they decided to automatize all process chains through the web application and achieve rapid acceleration in trading.

Thus, the request was for the application that would automatically perform algorithmic optimization of numerical data with the aim to substitute time-consuming manual work.

The business need was to achieve sustainable goals in:

  • Gathering an hourly updated information about currency exchange rates into huge structured stocks.
  • Creating strategy for adopting profitable solutions.
  • Forming an order for buying currency.
  • Communication with brokers in order to make a deal.
inoxoft Solutions
Inoxoft delivered Software web application that excludes manual work and automatically creates sheets with optimized exchange rates information and enlists all generated orders for profitable purchases according to a defined financial strategy.
imageProject duration
7 months
imageTeam Composition
3 — Software engineers
1 — Quality Assurance engineer
1 — Project Manager
  • Python 3.6.5
  • Socket
  • Multiprocessing
  • Django 2.0.2
  • Quickfix
  • Pandas
  • Celery
  • Messagebird
  • FIX 4.4
  • RabbitMQ
  • RabbitMQ
  • Redis 3.0.6
  • EC2 instance (windows based)
  • RDS (PostgreSQL)
  • EC2 instance (linux based)
  • ElastiCache (Redis)


While designing web solution for such specific domain, we faced with following technical and non-technical challenges:

  • Accurate understanding by software engineers of all details of business logic: which data should be processed, why this particular data, how it affects the financial outcomes and strategies.
  • Predicting all conditions that might influence the ultimate business decision
  • Specific ways of simultaneous data analysis.
  • Research of strategies according to countless formulae.
  • Calculation in the shortest time possible.
  • Increasing performance in the context of data processing.
  • Creating a continual synchronic link between services.
  • Handling of complex mathematical tasks within the system in parallel.

The project successful realization is confirmed by the next achieved results:

  • Сonstant recurrent calculation of each currency pair in a queue sequence from each stock.
  • Generating orders after mathematical formula calculations, orders' enlisting and automatized sending to the broker.
  • Flawless communication between services.
  • Established constant communication links between trader and a licensed broker that allows making decisions in the shortest terms.
  • Reduction in time of order generating starting with 1 min 30 seconds initially and ending with only 30 seconds as the best final indicator.
  • The fastest possible way of information withdrawing and optimization within 3 time-zones.
  • Simultaneous analysis of large numerical data.
  • Сalculation operations are performed in logical queue sequence according to a real time.

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