Visual solution for real estate company

  • E-Commerce & Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Angular 1.6
  • Bootstrap
  • Gulp
  • Laravel 5.4
  • MySQL
  • PHP 7
  • SCSS
  • VueJS

The technologies seem to be the best friends of the 21st-century people. This time, they posed a challenge to the time-consuming and important process – choosing an apartment.


The life of real estate agents is full of hustle and bustle – countless meetings with potential clients, taking photos, sending details, updating profiles and so on. Fortunately or not, it’s hard to impress anyone even with high-quality photos of an apartment. Also, no one wants to waste time looking around. People want to know how it all looks in reality without attending the very place. And that is why we created a plugin that refines the visualization part of real estate products.


This convenient program simplifies the working routine of both the real estate agents and the clients as they can find the best-fitting offers. Since the manual search in the real estate listings is a total waste of time, we inserted a convenient toolbar.

Find a perfect-fitting apartment

With the right number of rooms

Located on the chosen floor

Of a favorable size

Within an appropriate price range



The program will find the best-fitting option located in the close proximity to the user, so he/she can opt out from the variants situated nearby.

Apartment plan
  • A convenient Interactive Map visualizes the exact location of the apartment so now you can even imagine the view from the window has never visited it. We knew that it’s hard to satisfy the thirst for information so easily, that is why clicking on any apartment in the building, you can see a detailed apartment plan.
  • Each apartment from the list is provided with short up-to-date information like status (for sale/ booked), the number of rooms, the floor, size (in m sq), the price, and the monthly fee.
  • The product emerged as a fully-fledged tool that takes real estate trade to another level. The program appeals to the human’s preference to observe the objects rather than listen to the raw numbers.
Boost up the real estate trade with

An interactive map

Time-efficient location-based search

Detailed apartment data (plan+info)

Apartment availability status

Benefits for your business
  • Increased client satisfaction rate
  • Improved location-based search
  • Powerful and detailed visualization
  • Ability to work with clients remotely

Thank You!

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