Voice powered web and mobile cloud-based solution for AI system

  • Israel

The Client (Beyond Verbal Company) is Israel-based startup founded in 2012 that claims to recognize emotions and diseases by using vocal intonations in Healthcare solutions. Co-Founders are scientists with considerable research experience in the industry. Beyond Verbal develops voice-enabled AI solutions to create proprietary vocal biomarkers for personalized healthcare screening and continuous remote monitoring of health and emotions.

Business needs

Having the algorithm based on 20 years of research, Beyond Verbal needed the platform to collect the data from patients and create a database with voice records that could be integrated into the AI system. The solution would constantly help to advance the prediction of AI for diagnosing different diseases.

The Client came to Inoxoft with the need to implement a new easy way of diagnosing cardiovascular diseases. It would be based on voice records, the developed AI system and empowered through connection to smartphone.

inoxoft Solutions

Inoxoft turned the Client's needs and requirements into vision and solution: an AI-empowered web and mobile application that allows doctors to diagnose cardiovascular diseases, communicate with patients and accurately analyze patients' voice records, preserved in a cloud database and processed under HIPAA guidelines.


Project duration6 Months


Team Composition

  • 3 — .NET Software Engineers
  • 1 — iOS Software Engineer
  • 2 — Android Software Engineers
  • 1 — UI/UX Designer
  • 1 — Quality Assurance Engineer
  • 1 — Project Manager


  • .NET/C#
  • Web API
  • HTML5
  • MongoDB
  • AngularJS
  • Git
  • EF
  • CSS3
  • Windows Authentication
  • MS SQL
  • .Net Web API
  • MS Azure Blob Storage
  • Android/Java
  • iOS/Swift
Of course, we faced several challenges:
  • Interface to be user-friendly both for doctors using the web platform and patients who use the mobile app.
  • Create the solution that will fully meet HIPAA compliance requirements.
  • Achieve the highest standard of transaction security.
  • Upload the records and increase the accuracy of voice analysis and diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.
We found solutions and achieved expected results:
  • Mobile App with consistent and intuitive UI/UX for patients.
  • Сonvenient web-platform for managing patients, creating surveys and operating the records.
  • Storage of valid records in the cloud.
  • Protection of confidential patient information.
  • Easy access to the database for specialists.
  • Increased accuracy of voice analysis and diagnosis relevance achieved by populating the database with patient's voice records.

Thank You!

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