Web application for printing customized 3D models for surgery supply

  • Israel
  • .NET core
  • ReactJS
  • Azure
  • D3Js
  • Entity Framework
  • Kurento Server
  • MS SQL Server
  • VSTS(Azure DevOps)

Synergy3dMed is an Israel-based company that provides doctors with the newest technologies and expertise in the creation of specific surgical instruments, models and implants. Company is making 3D printing the new standard for surgical excellence. The team works with specialists and medical centers to design, engineer, and print customized 3D models and surgical instruments. With the Synergy Personalized Surgical Kit (PSKit), pre-surgical planning became way more precise, risk reducing and with overall improved results.

Business needs
The process from requesting 3D models to a real surgery took a long period of time due to several reasons:
  • wide range of workflows and internal processes in medical institutions.
  • hierarchy in documents management.


That is why Synergy3dMed needed a product solution using which clinics and 3D design companies could easily communicate, build workflows, share files, sign e-documents to speed up the whole process.



inoxoft Solutions

Inoxoft delivered a unique end to end technology that helps clinics and 3D design companies communicate, reduce paper work and human factor errors, speed up the time of each project – by providing an accessible responsive web platform developed from scratch.


Project duration 6 Months


Team Composition

  • 1 — Tech Lead
  • 6 — Software Engineers
  • 1 — Team Lead
  • 1 — UI/UX Designer
  • 2 — Quality Assurance Engineers
  • 1 — Project Manager


  • ASP.NET Core Web API
  • MS SQL Server
  • VSTS(Azure DevOps)
  • Azure
  • D3Js
  • Kurento Server
  • Entity Framework
  • ReactJS
We faced several challenges:
  • User-friendly and intuitive UI/UX for all types of Users.
  • Ensure integration with specific external tools (Office 365 (Outlook), 3Dviewer (Prosper API), open vidu, Doc Conversion API).
  • Flexible customization of the whole system: roles, permissions, workflows, approval flows.
  • Quality Assurance process that should cover billion of scenarios and flows due to wide range of customization parameters.
  • Digital signature on the documents which simplifies an approval process.
  • Personalized homepage marketing model for each clinic.
We found solutions and achieved expected results:
  • Comprehensive web application with integrated tools.
  • Customizable permission settings for each user.
  • Ability to track the process of legal documents approvals.
  • Legal documents templates with possibility to modify them.
  • Workflow management dashboard personalized for each clinic.
  • QA module for tracking the alignment
    of the current workflow with the defined one.

Thank You!

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