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Open until 06.08.2021
4 weeks (3 times per week for 2 hours)
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Course overview

Node.js is a technology that has transformed JavaScript (a language all web developers are familiar with) from a client-side scripting language to a general-purpose language that has a large number of application use cases.
Node.js really shines in building fast, scalable network applications, offers benefits in performance and faster development.
It is easy to learn, has an active user community, and we use it extensively at InoXoft.

This 4-week course will help you master this popular technology, learn from real cases and broaden your tech stack.

During the course, you will

  •  Learn how to work with Node.js technology
  •  Connect an application to the database
  •  Learn from issues from real projects and find out how your team can solve them
  •  Create a pet project with multi roles, auth, email notifications, and many other cool features


  • Experience in working with JS (a must)
  • Understanding of databases 
  • Level of English – A2 (Pre-intermediate)
  • Good analytical skills
Viktor Kmin
Viktor is a Middle Node.js developer at Inoxoft. He started his career as a Software Engineer in 2018. Since then, he has worked on projects in various fields such as IoT, finance, automotive. Now Viktor is working in the Inoxoft team on one of the biggest customer engagement platforms in the Canadian automotive industry.
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