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Everyone is aware of the fact that the world has changed a lot since the end of the XX century. And now we should take care not only about the security of our property, the safety of us and our family members, but also we should pay attention to the cybersecurity. As it is applicable not only to the employees of huge IT corporations, it is relevant to every person.

What are the ways cyber attack may influence our daily life, and how can we protect ourselves from unpleasant situations?

Safe Banking and Internet Payments

Almost everyone uses credit/debit cards, internet banking, and internet payments during online shopping. Sharing number of the credit card became a common thing for everyone, it is obvious that without this no one will be able to pay for stuff on the internet. The user needs to stay careful about sharing credit/debit card data providing it only to the trusted and secure resources, never send it via email or a message.

Personal Data

The term personal data means that data should not be shared with other people. Even though when social networks came into our lives, we started to share everything with other people. Some people share their daily life activities, giving all information to a swindler. There were cases of kidnapping, in the result of too high parents’ activity in social networks.

The biggest cybercrimes in history

  • Ashley Madison — Canadian online service, that helps married people to cheat. The website was created in 2002, with logo: “Life is too short. Have an affair”. In 2015 the website had more than 40 mln users, when “The Impact Team” broke the servers and stole all available personal data. As the result, this data appeared on different
    portals and forums all over the world. Obviously, a lot of people ended up with the divorce.
  • Stuxnet — the virus was founded in 2010, it had stopped the nuclear program of Iran. In 2011, Hillary Clinton claimed that this attack nuclear power of Iran was degraded at least for a few years.
  • In 2014, one of the most popular internet shopping platforms — eBay was attacked. Personal data of 145 mln users was gathered, it didn’t have any financial outcomes for users, as it remained safe. Even though, till today eBay has a reputation of service with imperfect cybersecurity system.
  • Wanna cry — the biggest hacker attack in Ukraine, in 2017. Big corporations were under danger, as during several days employees were receiving phishing emails. Those emails looked like a simple business communication, after clicking the link computers were infected.

Few tips for personal protection from the cybercrime

  • Realize that you are not protected from the cyber attack. Somehow, people are sure that bad things may happen to everyone except themselves. And this is where they are totally wrong, even if you are not a CEO of great IT corporation – you are in danger. Carefully check links you click on and resources were you provide any kind of personal sensible data.
  • A cyber attack usually looks like a trick. If you receive a call from the bank, requesting you to provide some security data (password, answer to the secret question or CVC/CVV code) – you are in danger, drop off and call to the bank to clarify the situation.
  • It is better to not make the account in social network visible for everyone, and if you do – try to post fewer photos regarding every action you perform during the day. Social networks are the perfect source to check the daily schedule of family/person, find out the address and other details that, in the result, will be used for crime.
  • Protect your children, teach them how to behave with strangers on the streets and on the Internet.
  • Think twice before connecting to the public wifi.

How to protect the business from cyber attacks? Here is a piece of advice

  • Educate your employees about phishing, how to recognize dangerous emails and what to do when a suspicious situation occurs.
  • Send out “phishing emails”, which look like a simple business letter to the employees, so they are able to recognize the danger in the future.
  • Improve the security system of the company. Do not know how to do that? The Inoxoft team has an experience in increasing cybersecurity, contact us!

Summing Up

It is clear that everyone is in danger of cyber attack, doesn’t matter what is your scope of activity, lifestyle, and place of residence. The most important thing is to be aware of possible ways of cyber crimes, and take care of all aspects of security.

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