Dedicated team

The Dedicated Software Development Team model suits clients who want to hire a team of engineers dedicated to the whole project from start to finish and aim at scaling up with the team for a longer period of time gaining full control over the implementation. The client is contracted to pay a monthly salary for the workload of the full-time and part-time engineers and team members on the board.

Dedicated Software Development Team is for you if

Dedicated team

You want to hire dedicated developers to expand existing or create your new team of experts

Dedicated team

Your project is long-term and you plan to scale up at constant progress

Dedicated team

You are looking for right technology solutions for your product and lack professional expertise

Dedicated team

You want to control project flow individually and be aware of each thing happening

Dedicated team

Your requirements are unclear and to be certainly extended that can from time to time influence the project scope

Benefits to hire Dedicated Development Team

  • Each team member is assigned to only your project. Team efforts are not scattered across other projects
  • Possibility to expand the workload to meet business needs and develop rapidly
  • Inside-out control and engagement into all stages of the project
  • Transparent and regular communication with team members
  • Maximum teams flexibility and quick reaction to challenges

The model allows progressively build features upon features paying negotiated sum of money for the service. The price depends on team size and composition regarding the monthly salary of employees.

Project Initiation

  1. The company evaluates a project

    Initially, we define problems and your business needs, providing a realistic view over the project idea. When the “if” points above match your case, we offer a Dedicated Development Team proposal.

  2. Pre-planning meeting

    The team shifts to analyzing and documenting requirements, accurately defining the best technology stack to implement them.

  3. Client’s approval and project kick-off

    As soon as we clarify and outline the first assignments for the team, we wait for your approval and the project starts.


The Dedicated Team is first and foremost people you work with. At Inoxoft we value trust, synergy and combined efforts which mark the beginning of strong partnership and willingness of both parties to work steadily on the path to success

Dedicated team
  • Client’s is authorized to control the progress, being always informed on task execution.
  • Client and the team are provided with all necessary tools for transparent communication.
  • At Inoxoft we use Atlassian tools and Agile methodologies that help us reach the maximum results with daily efforts.

Agile mindset

In dependency on challenges, need for changing or adding more requirements, the team is assigned with new tasks according to Agile mindset which ensures:

  • Eliminating risks and optimizing workflow
  • Iterative development: define-build-release
  • Regular feedback and retrospective
  • Continual planning
  • Continuous improvement
  • Right task priorities
  • Incremental delivery

Create Great Team to Reach Goals and Get Tangible Results

Right Team to Go Ahead Goals and Get Tangible Results. From the side of the company, we recruit talents who will fit your project the best. The Dedicated Team Model tightens cooperation between a team and a client, who is provided with a role of interviewer to understand people’s skillset and decide on their recruitment for positions in a team.

Dedicated team

Productive team collaboration

Dedicated team

Space for creativity and flexibility

Dedicated team

Team works for a common goal

Dedicated team

Maintained burnout and motivation rules

High-quality Delivery

In dependency on challenges, need for changing or adding more requirements, the team is assigned with new tasks according to Agile mindset which ensures:

  • Takes part in managing scope, costs and scheduling to develop a product that accurately matches client’s expectations and business needs
  • Plans and controls execution of deliverables throughout the project

How we deliver Market-ready and Tested Software

Dedicated team

Only Market Ready and Tested Software
Great delivery starts with setting right objectives at the beginning of cooperation.

  • Precise client’s requirements and clear business needs are defined at once
  • Client verifies all requirements before team shifts to implementation
  • All features are checked according to documented criteria
  • Code is clear and software works properly
  • Client approves final outcomes and design

Hire dedicated developers at Inoxoft

Back-end Front-end and Full-stack Software Engineers
Quality Assurance Engineers
Project managers
Business Analyst


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