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Frequently asked

Can the customer be involved in the interview process?

Yes, the customer can be involved in the interview process if it’s an outstaffing project, and he/she recruits people to the existing team.

What is your lead time for hiring?

Lead time can last from 2 weeks up to 2 months depending on

  • position (developer, QA, BA, PM)
  • a seniority level (junior, middle, senior)
  • technology stack (regular, extraordinary)
How the seniority level of a new employee is checked?

There are 3 steps to do it:

1. To check the soft skills of the candidate (stress management, communication skills, etc.).

2. The technical knowledge of the candidate, which is done by the technical expert (senior, team lead).

3. The hiring manager checks the level of the candidate’s independence to understand whether he/she will be able to carry out tasks on his/her own as well as perform critical decision-making.

Where do recruiters search for new employees? What methods are they using?

Each of our recruiters has a personal candidates network, thus we have a solid internal database of potential employees. As additional tools, the recruitment team uses LinkedIn, an internal referral program, and other professional platforms.

How does the recruitment process look like?

Our recruitment process is relatively fast. It consists of three main stages:

1. Primary introduction of our company to the candidate and the formation of an impression on both sides. Our goal is to form positive relationships with the candidates and stay connected as long as possible.

2. Technical interview with an internal expert to check the developer’s technical knowledge.

3. An interview with the hiring manager, which is a direct interview on the concrete project. After these interviews, we always send out feedback to our candidates and also conduct a survey on whether the interviewing process was up to the candidates’ expectations.

Remote work
Does Inoxoft consider turning back to office mode of working?

Inoxoft keeps up with the trends and does not become attached to the specific office location. Therefore, we give employees the choice of how to work more comfortably to achieve maximum efficiency.

How to track the efficiency of the employees that work from home?

We hire reliable employees and build trustworthy relationships within the team. So, there is no difference between work efficiency in the office or at home.

To ensure an effective performance we arranged

  • Multi-level work tracking, including the Internal CRM platform, which our employees use to track time
  • Project management tools (e.g. Jira) that track the project’s progress.
  • Daily sync-ups where each team member shares the work they did in the last 24 hours, and goes over what's on deck for the next 24 hours.
How employees that work from home are supported?

Inoxoft provides everything its employees need to ensure an efficient work process and an uninterrupted development lifecycle (including home office equipment: from hardware to comfortable chairs).

How are you working with requirements?

A business analyst is the most competent person to work with the requirements for the project. This person uses the best BA practices: techniques of requirement recording and analysis. The scope of his/her work includes

  • requirements elicitation,
  • requirements analysis,
  • client approval of the gathered requirements,
  • preparation of documentation,
  •  communication with the team.
How do I know that the platform is secured?

We analyze security requirements for the platform to make sure that our solution minimizes the attack surface and implements a mitigation plan in case of an attack. The platform is deployed to certified secure infrastructure providers.

Is this possible to provide additional security testing for the project?

We have partners, who specialize in this field. If a client needs it, we can recommend the best security testing services company.

What are Inoxoft’s security approaches?

Inoxoft follows the industry’s best security practices:

  • The code is being developed in secured local environments. It passes the peer review process where security vulnerabilities are checked and the code is tested before production deployment.
  • The code is deployed only to secured environments by automated tools.
  • Project-specific compliances are implemented with additional penetration tests if requested.
Team Satisfaction
How the team is communicating with the customer after the project starts?

Inoxoft has different communication channels. The final choice highly depends on the client’s choice.

Can the client suggest to promote the developer?

The client’s feedback will be a positive plus in the developer’s promotion flow. However, the company relies on our internal processes and matrices as well as employees’ personal performance. The final decision of promoting the developer will depend on the company entirely.

How do you measure employee satisfaction?

To ensure team satisfaction, we conduct several surveys:

  • ESAT - Employee satisfaction survey. It aims to evaluate the employees’ satisfaction with the management, benefits and working conditions, professional development, and the atmosphere at the company in general.
  • TeamSAT - Team satisfaction survey, where we collect feedback regarding project workflow, project communication, internal processes, etc. every quarter.

Each survey has its own regularity and process of working with the results.

How do you manage clients in different time zones? Is it ok to shift working hours to a bigger overlap?

Our team has experience working with clients from different time zones, so we have developed a practical approach to overcome any related inconveniences. Our dev team is located in Ukraine, so with European clients, we have a maximum of two hours of overlap. With American clients, the overlap is bigger but our team can shift the work schedule within a few hours to cover 3-4 hours of overlap if needed.

If there is anything urgent to discuss, we can adjust our schedule to cover an even bigger overlap,  which will be discussed individually.