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Expert in Education development? Looking for a certified and experienced partner to develop a tailor-made app? Inoxoft is an e-learning software development company delivering all-purpose software for Education. Let us offer you our first-class e-learning software development services.

  1. Transform your ideas into new-generation e-learning portals

    We offer our expertise and experience in e-Learning website development. Our teams are ready to implement educational online learning platforms, language learning apps for people around the globe, digital training apps in various domains with great onboarding, content management system, gamification elements and more which is on the list of your requirements.

  2. Renew studies with fast and convenient software at hand

    Streamline education processes via responsive applications. We’ll build scalable apps to store and create learning resources, manage timetables and conduct assessments. Enrich learning of students and employees with multimedia, interactivity, notes and highlights tools, performance tracking and results on-time.

  3. Replace manual work with digital management tools

    Organizational and structural issues can now be solved via easy to use school management apps. For educational institutions, Inoxoft implements incredibly customized and scalable SMS accessible for professors, students and parents, with grades modules, admissions data, attendance, materials, payment tracking and more.

Solutions for Educational Institutions

Our e-learning application development company partners closely with universities and schools to work together on digitizing educational systems and driving modern changes in traditional classroom environments.

Expand STEAM education with technology

Expand STEAM education with technology

Reimagine Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics with beautiful apps. Inoxoft knows how to offer hands-on experience for young learners.

Stay in touch with students via software

We support launching startups

Remote learning is capturing the world. Send materials to your students from one place, structure their feedback and mails efficiently. Send them your voice feedback on homework from any place.

Add interactivity to teaching materials

Add interactivity to teaching materials

Our e-learning software developers will develop systems for electronic whiteboards and interactive panels on Windows. Inoxoft will help you to connect them with all-in-one CMS to deliver effective lessons and create unique learning experiences.

Stay in touch with students via software

Think innovative

Want flexibility in your choice of learning approach? Inoxoft is your reliable provider of e-learning design and development. We ensure high-quality software with video live streams, 3D images, 360 VR experience, animations, awesome graphic design and remote communication with digital devices.

Domain-Specific Solutions

Inoxoft provides custom e-learning development services for a variety of business needs and niches.

E-learning apps for Corporate Training

E-learning apps for Corporate Training

Sales representatives, junior engineers, medical personnel get skills faster via simulation learning and enjoy informative onboarding through their smartphones.

Apps for domain-narrow training

Replenish astronomy, fitness, music and plenty of domains with online educational resources. Implement learning modules into research apps to share knowledge and create a circle of amateurs and professionals.

E-learning Software Development Company
Drive forward accessible technologies

Drive forward accessible technologies

Inoxoft will help to implement speech-to-text apps, virtual keyboards, assistive listening systems, math simulators and more.

User-centered and Engaging E-learning App Development

Education is now more personalized and keeps its path to personalization in the future. We recommend building an app that empowers learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

Intuitive User Interface and offline access to materials
Connection via web browser and mobile phone
Secure and customizable personal accounts
Possibility to download the content in different formats
Multi-language support and transcriptions
Performance insights with in-built analytics

Easy-to-use and innovative features

Online learning software development is now more helpful and powerful than you may think.


Gamification and Artificial Intelligence – let learners believe in themselves via gamified learning:

  • Analytics on personal progress
  • Leadership boards
  • Virtual rewards
  • Entertaining studies

Integrations – make your app compatible with calendars, Google slides and everything you need to edit lessons to your liking:

  • Connect learning portals with school ERP
  • Implement video tutorials & chatbots
  • Integrate with G Suite

Accurate assessment and testing – custom
e-learning development
means building an app that encourages learners to better results:

  • Transparent results and automatic scoring systems
  • Security and protected access to personal accounts
  • Feedback surveys and anonymous grading

Why Inoxoft

Inoxoft as a trusted e-learning app development company delivers products according to two key approaches.
Agile project development at Inoxoft is based on Iterative Delivery and Expectation Management rules:

E-learning apps for Corporate Training
  • Transparency in budget and accountability
  • Set clear timelines
  • Tasks prioritization
  • Discussed and assessed risks
  • Regular feedback
  • Demo
  • Two-weeks iterations

Flexible E-learning Development Services

You can choose the most convenient way for you in partnership with Inoxoft:

  1. If you have already defined requirements, strict deadlines and budget, you can hire a Project Team for your needs. They will provide expertise in technologies for education solutions to implement the functionality you need by your requested time at a fixed price.

  2. If you feel your project needs our estimation and expert view over requirements, feel free to hire a flexible team. It opens you an opportunity to change development costs depending on what features you want to add and how many members you have in a team.

  3. If you want a steady development of your education project, if you are looking for a team of professionals who will fully contribute to your project, hire a Dedicated Team. Working on one goal, you become a part of a team, viewing and controlling the process of implementation. Scale-up with Inoxoft professionals.

Create solutions learners will love

Inoxoft provides the Product Discovery Phase in e-learning app development. This is how known market trends, analyzed end-users needs, evaluated risks increase your chances for success. Discovery phase in online learning software development at Inoxoft means:

E-learning Software Development Company

The team won’t start implementation if the project concept is vague and end-users expectations are not discovered

E-learning Software Development Company

The expert team conducts Business Analysis for you at affordable costs. Since Discovery Phase is perfect for startups not to fail

E-learning Software Development Company

As a result, your solution will be addressed for a certain target audience

E-learning Software Development Company

The app will solve the exact user’s problems and meet their educational needs

E-learning Software Development Company

The app requirements will be refined and clearly stated to ensure both parties stay on the same page.

Empower teachers with technology

If you are interested in custom e-learning development,
please send us your request. Feel free to contact us via contact@inoxoft.com. We’ll inform you of all details of the partnership and product development to help you confidently start your project without excessive expenses.

Technologies we work with

Our Clients

Our clients are satisfied with the way we provide e-learning app development services and generate solutions, so they come back to us with new projects to develop.


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