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Custom LMS Development

Create LMS that will suit organizational objectives, training strategies and help see desired outcomes in short-term perspective. Inoxoft is a LMS development company specializing in building LMS software that will bring value for money and stand out with great user experience.

What benefits LMS can bring to learning?

Care about education means integrating technology to help students produce creativity, reflect ideas. High-quality learning platform can perform the next essential functions:
Helps create equality in education environments and reach horizontal relations
Helps instructors manage and organize educational courses
Allows more opportunities to access materials globally
Streamlines teaching effectively via automatization
Attracts learners with engaging courses and flexibility
Effectuates transition to gamification, remote learning and all innovations in education

Solutions we offer

What can you include to the learning platform? How to choose functionality so that to meet all of the end-users’ needs? The way we are developing apps always includes analysis of your requirements and discovery of your product. Success of elearning solutions is guaranteed when end-users’ pain-points are known to us. Then we build our decisions on affirmation that features we add are necessary and risks are predicted.
LMS Development Company, Custom LMS Software - Inoxoft
With Inoxoft you can build LMS which will allow you to:
  • Communicate with students and colleagues via LMS
  • Monitor performance with e-gradebooks
  • Assess and distribute assignments online
  • Get results in one place and notify others via emails
  • Integrate your LMS with platforms you need
  • Use scheduling and tracking tools
  • Enjoy scalable content library in a cloud

Create Corporate LMS

Manage employees training and track career development inside your company via a single elearning platform by Inoxoft. LMS for corporate settings fulfils the goal of innovating scaling up methods and leveraging professional potential of personnel by progressive learning and automation at the workplace.

With Learning Management System we offer businesses an opportunity to:
LMS Development Company, Custom LMS Software - Inoxoft

Use built-in authoring tools to develop custom enterprise courses

LMS Development Company, Custom LMS Software - Inoxoft

Create individual programs for employee training

LMS Development Company, Custom LMS Software - Inoxoft

Monitor career movements on basis of quality knowledge and skills gaining

LMS Development Company, Custom LMS Software - Inoxoft

Manage mentorships and establish unique training approaches

LMS Development Company, Custom LMS Software - Inoxoft

Boost onboarding and HR management

Drive innovations with LMS

  1. Increase technical potential and expertise

    Boost technical knowledge and share experience via different formatting of materials in LMS. Divide employee training by expertise, invite people to participate and receive invaluable results from corporations.

  2. Unlock Decision making skills

    Online learning and focus on personal growth via possibilities of LMS can push people to new steps and decisions. They may rethink the way they are doing their work and find themselves agile in some new areas.

  3. Mentorship and leadership skills

    Develop employee training to promote mentorship and revela true leaders in teams. LMS can help to unite people over goals, teach courage and present new ideas to internal and external working environments.

  4. Care about mental health of employees

    Include modules that gather feedback from employees about their state. Ask them how they feel about programs and whether learning is useful for them.

  5. Support for accounting and sales departments

    Hiring a new accountant? Help them with onboarding and first steps in the company via LMS. Simulations and just-in-time testing can help them feel more confident in their work and stay tuned-in.

  6. Gamification

    Earning points, leadership boards, gamified profiles can attract young learners as well adults. Gamification is an award-winning way to include into LMS and receive maximum satisfaction from end-users.

  7. Simulation

    Professionals, high-school learners, little kids learn skills quickly and effectively via realistically simulated environments. Opportunity to act as if in a real world always sharpens critical thinking and makes learners decide wisely.

  8. Deliver immersive learning experiences with media

    360 images, video, animations can engage users to the fullest and provide realistic learning experiences to what they are studying.

What are your specific wishes for LMS?

LMS Development Company, Custom LMS Software - InoxoftLMS Development Company, Custom LMS Software - Inoxoft
Inoxoft will consult you in any question if you want to create LMS software for your company or if you are thinking of something similar to features below:
  • Integrate with company’s CRM system
  • Integrate with leading courses and certifications
  • Data analytics on self-realization growth of each employee
  • Data analytics on progress of departments or the whole company
  • Robust content management tools
  • Secure online assessments and feedback modules
  • Implemented brand design with intuitive interface
  • Permissions management to results analysis

Our experience in Education Development

Inoxoft delivered numerous projects to startups, businesses and institutions in education implementing gamification, language-learning solutions, space observation systems and more.

Inoxoft Delivery is targeted at client satisfaction and high-quality apps. We follow two key principles of product development which are iterative delivery and expectation management. Each and every time our clients are fully satisfied with on-time releases, fully-functional apps and clear code.

We provide LMS development services to help businesses align needs with learning practices and educational institutions to authorize learners with new horizons for their self-realization paths.

Development with Inoxoft

Inoxoft is an international team of certified LMS developers who ensure broad sector expertise and high-quality development services based on:
LMS Development Company, Custom LMS Software - Inoxoft
  • Transparency in budget and accountability
  • Set clear timelines
  • Tasks prioritization
  • Discussed and assessed risks
  • Regular feedback
  • Demo
  • Two-weeks iterations

Get expert view over
the idea

Inoxoft provides Product Discovery in e-learning app development. This is how known market trends, analyzed end-users’ needs, evaluated risks increase your chances for success. Discovery phase in online learning software development at Inoxoft means:
The team won’t start implementation if the project concept is vague and end-users’ expectations are not discovered
The expert team conducts Business Analysis for you at affordable costs. Since Discovery Phase is perfect for startups not to fail
As a result, your elearning solution will be addressed for a certain target audience
The app will solve the exact user’s problems and meet their educational needs
The app requirements will be refined and clearly stated to ensure both parties stay on the same page

Start your project today

If you are interested in custom LMS development, send us your request and we’ll provide you with consultation you need to help you start the project with confidence. We’ll tell you about models of cooperation which depend on time-frames, requirements and budget opportunities for projects.

If you have ideas, or want to know what else Inoxoft offers custom LMS development, if it has some innovative features, tell us in your request. Our team will contact you to provide comprehensive consultation on your ideas and needs.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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