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Inoxoft specializes in education app development and partners with universities, schools and educational institutions adding value into school and institution management via technology. Inoxoft offers expertise in creating mobile and responsive applications, hybrid apps for different OS and native apps for exact OS.

Who is the Inoxoft team?

Clutch Awarded as Top Web Developers
We use own Mature Delivery principles for 100% quality of our products
We hire certified engineers and constantly fuel our candidate pool
We regularly communicate feedback with our clients
We ensure full transparency of costs and open relations with customers
We put needs and satisfaction of our clients at the first place

solutions we provide

Inoxoft can offer you certified app development services. You can make a choice of what web or mobile app to bring to your school environment. A team of experienced software engineers and designers will deliver as exactly as you want it. Invest today to make the future of the school system incredibly new.
School Management Software Development Company - Inoxoft
With Inoxoft software development company you can:
  • Leverage school portrait with electronic process of admissions and payments
  • Invest into automation of school processes and library management
  • Attract the most talented students and professional staff
  • Adjust school administration to your liking
  • Establish smooth and effective communication with parents
  • Make student management easy and competent

Make school management trouble-free

Automate processes with all-in-one school management software customized for school size, type and preferences. Inoxoft will help to build School management system in which you can unite:
School Administration
School Administration
  • Admissions data and management
  • Documents and instructions at one place
  • News and events management
  • Billing and payments
  • School transport management system
  • Staff management and hiring policy regulations
Student Management
Student Management
  • Student information portal and updates
  • Attendance tracking
  • E-grades and performance monitoring
Library Management
Library Management
  • Booking learning materials in advance
  • Getting access to e-books
  • Booking access to printing and scanning devices

Personalize school system for everybody

With right functionality at hand educational institutions increase chances to help everyone stay tuned in both at school and at home. Inoxoft is ready to implement features you want to enrich school environment with instant messaging, on-time alerts and effective implementation of digital changes.
School Management Software Development Company - Inoxoft
Parent communication
  • Parent involvement into child’s educational success
  • Schedule Parent-teacher meetings
  • Access to children’s progress
  • Notifies on attendance
  • Reminders on payments and events
Teacher collaboration
  • Cloud base of teaching materials
  • E-books ordering and equipment tracking
  • Lessons management and scheduling
School Management Software Development Company - Inoxoft
School Management Software Development Company - Inoxoft
Teacher-student collaboration
  • Timetables and scheduling
  • Materials sharing
  • School base of teaching materials

Boost quality of Assessment and Testing

Reach transparency and clarity in what, when, how assessment is to be conducted. School Management System is critically beneficial when it:
Excludes manual work, and automates results generation
Gathers and updates student information
Preserves student works and teachers feedback in the cloud
Allows regulating permissions to results
Allows processing and converting documents in different formats

Advantages of school management mobile app

  1. Increase teachers satisfaction with daily routine

    Automated processes will help them to have all info at hand, edit and alter things as they need. Mobile apps can open opportunities for teachers to collaborate, get access to information anytime, from any place and make decisions in advance.

  2. Help children with their performance

    Monitoring learner’s grades in democratic way can help them feel cared about. Software can increase their responsibility and motivate them to study better.

  3. Turns school administration into enjoyment

    School management system fulfills the requirements of growing schools and large ones. Each administrative affair can be automated and take far less time and effort than before.

Development that will surprise you

Inoxoft offers 3 models of cooperation. Each of them suits different needs and the budget of our clients.
School Management Software Development Company - Inoxoft

Dedicated Team for
long-term projects that will support and lead you to growth. Create elaborate school management software side by side with Inoxoft professionals.

School Management Software Development Company - Inoxoft

Project Team specialized in technology and domain that is ready to implement your requirements on-time.

School Management Software Development Company - Inoxoft

Hire Flexible Team if your requirements are not exact and are likely to be changed. Control costs and deliver tasks efficiently.

Mature Delivery at Inoxoft

Development at Inoxoft is all about Iterative delivery and Expectation Management. Experience professional approach in app development for schools with:
School Management Software Development Company - Inoxoft
  • Clearly set requirements
  • Knowing both parties have the same expectation about the future results
  • Accountability and transparency in budget
  • Reasonable task prioritization
  • Known and discussed risks
  • Demo and regular feedback from the client side
  • Our excellence of QA services

Create award-winning software

Inoxoft provides Product Discovery in app development.
This is how known market trends, analyzed end-users’ needs, evaluated risks
increase your chances for success.
Discovery phase in development at Inoxoft means:
School Management Software Development Company - Inoxoft

The team won’t start implementation if the project concept is raw and end-users’ needs are not discovered

School Management Software Development Company - Inoxoft

The expert team will conduct Business Analysis for you at affordable costs

School Management Software Development Company - Inoxoft

As a result, your solution will be addressed for a certain target audience

School Management Software Development Company - Inoxoft

The app will solve the exact user’s problems and meet their educational and organizational needs

School Management Software Development Company - Inoxoft

The app requirements will be refined and clearly documented covering all functional and

Boost learning with technology today

If you are an educational institution interested in high-quality school management system development, please send us your request. Feel free to contact us via We’ll inform you on all details of partnership and app development to help you confidently start your project without excessive expenses.

Our Clients

Working with Inoxoft, our clients obtain professional collaboration and convenient communication with the team, 100% met requirements, and high-quality solutions that bring them back to us again.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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